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  1. Ship:equinox

    sail date October 28

    Cabin booked: veranda guarantee 

    Email received 8/17

    bid on ultra deluxe veranda $175

    bid on sunset veranda $200 

    currently assigned 6188, obstructed view

    don’t really expect either bid to be accepted, but I figured why not try. I’d be delighted to get the upgrade, but if I don’t I’ll still be on a ship on the sea and having a wonderful vacation 

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  2. I’m sure this has been asked but I can’t find it. We booked with classic drink package, gratuities, and WiFi. But when I look at the cruise on the website it only shows our OBC. 
    is this normal? We are new to celebrity 



  3. Has anyone done the old San Juan walking tour through celebrity,  the one that uses “technology “. I’m assuming that takes the form of a headset and map🤷‍♀️
    wondering if it’s worth the money or can we just get off the ship and do it on our own?  We really want to see the fort

  4. The only time I wear waterproof mascara is on a cruise / beach vacation. I find it a pain to use makeup remover to get it off in the evening, but less of a pain than having it run down my face. That and some eyebrow pencil and lipstick, and I’m done, and of course sunscreen 🙃

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  5. We’ve been on Koningsdam and Niew Statendam, loved both, will sail either again. Music walk was excellent. One of the more enjoyable parts of the evenings. Food was excellent and service as well. In fact, I do not expect the service on our celebrity cruise this fall will come close. But that’s ok, I’ll still be on a ship in the Caribbean. 
    if you enjoy relaxing with a drink and listening to music you won’t be disappointed on HAL. 

  6. We were sailing out of Amsterdam, little did I know when I booked the cruise that there was a HUGE convention in town the two days before we sailed. Not a hotel room in sight. We wound up a 30 minute train ride away from the city with a view of a sports arena. But the trains were efficient, clean and on time. We made it work, but it was disappointing to not get to stay In Amsterdam itself

  7. Even though I’m a redhead I do get some color when I’m in the sun, not a lot mind you, but not Casper the friendly ghost white. Second night I got all gussied up for prom night (Caribbean cruise) and looked in the mirror to realize that my face looked like a ghost while my chest and arms were pink. Not burned , a gallon of sunscreen prevented that. But I had left my “summer “ makeup at home. 
    made an expensive stop at the shops that night

  8. Hi all, it’s been waaaay too long. We haven’t cruised since before the pandemic lockdown. 
    kinda feel like I haven’t breathed since March 2019. Anyway, we are trying celebrity for the first time. We are booked on Equinox for Oct 28. 
    my questions are:

    with classic drinks package can we get bottled water and premium coffee?


    also, since we will be onboard on Halloween, will there be a costume party?


     I’m sure there will be more. I’m so happy to be cruising again😁

  9. I’m fighting this battle now🙄. We sail two weeks from today. 

    Hubby has lost weight. I suggested he get together some clothes 

    he wants to take so I could begin the Tetris game that is packing. 

    He responded “ we don’t leave for two weeks! What am I supposed to wear?”

    now , granted, we live in Atlanta. But it is February and we are not wearing shorts. 


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