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  1. I think we are all need to go on a cruise and see some wild and crazy things for ourselves
  2. It seems to be the only way I can truly relax and get away from work. Unpack one time see various new places no cleaning no cooking no laundry salt air warm sun rocked to sleep at night (sort of) and definitely the most budget friendly way of traveling although we do land travel as well
  3. We were in 6002. Loved it, although it is very windy while the ship is moving. We wouldn’t hesitate to book one of those rooms. The balcony was huge.
  4. We were on Oasis a few years ago, in Central Park having lunch. We watched as a woman and her 3 kids claimed the table beside us. And she proceeded to pull prepackaged snacks and sandwiches for her purse. Not anything from the ship, stuff she had clearly brought on with her.
  5. We were flying out of Munich, boarded the plane , went through the safety spiel, all the whole feeling and hearing power tools under our feet. Long story short, after an hour of this we were offloaded and sent to a new plane. The connection in Frankfurt only waited because our group was 60+ passengers. And this was the first flight of the day. my point is twofold. Things happen that we have no control over, and because of our delay the flights using that gate were delayed.
  6. Hot cocoa mix from the buffet added to coffee, homemade mocha without the extra$
  7. We went to Chichen Itza as an excursion and thoroughly enjoyed it. We had a great tour guide who gave a talk on the drive and that was quite interesting and made the time pass quickly. We did not encounter aggressive vendors, but buyer beware, the straw market had a lot of things that were made in China. Don’t hesitate to look the item over and haggle. however, we both enjoy history and archaeology..... would i I do it again? Absolutely.
  8. We were in a vista suite and had binoculars.
  9. I’ll remember that. I’ve ordered it from amazon, but it’s more fun to travel and pick it up😁
  10. I also use the shampoo and roll them in a towel. I’ve found that If I then stand on the towel and do a little dance it gets them almost dry, so they only have to hang for a couple of hours. good idea about tipping or recognition for those doing the laundry.
  11. I found it on Koningsdam, and I will be looking for it on NS. Didn’t know there was a store in Charleston, how did I miss that?!
  12. It was sea days, a chamber music performance on one and piano on another. There may have been two piano performances. We only had 3 sea days.
  13. We were on Koningsdam September 2018. Lots of music each night, and at various times during the day. Trivia as well, but I don’t think it was every night. There are “shows” on the world stage, but don’t expect a Vegas type production. We thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact we will be on Nieuw Statendam in March. enjoy Alaska, I’m trying to convince hubby to do that one.
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