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  1. We booked gty balcony, originally assigned an obstructed cabin, upgraded to “regular “ balcony , 8th deck midship. No charge. Celebrity cruise line, our first time. I’m not complaining 😁
  2. We’re still tasting the buffet😁 carnival Royal HAL Celebrity in 30 days
  3. Well, my cabin number has changed in the app, but no email yet. I’m not going celebrate quite yet, but I’m much more hopeful now😁
  4. Ship:equinox sail date October 28 Cabin booked: veranda guarantee Email received 8/17 bid on ultra deluxe veranda $175 bid on sunset veranda $200 currently assigned 6188, obstructed view don’t really expect either bid to be accepted, but I figured why not try. I’d be delighted to get the upgrade, but if I don’t I’ll still be on a ship on the sea and having a wonderful vacation
  5. Both my offers say pending. One I can modify and one I cannot. Does that mean they might accept the one that I can’t modify?
  6. I apologize. I will not make this mistake again. might not even ask any more questions
  7. Thanks for the prompt reply, I do have an invoice from the TA. I will be sure to take it with me
  8. I’m sure this has been asked but I can’t find it. We booked with classic drink package, gratuities, and WiFi. But when I look at the cruise on the website it only shows our OBC. is this normal? We are new to celebrity thanks
  9. Has anyone done the old San Juan walking tour through celebrity, the one that uses “technology “. I’m assuming that takes the form of a headset and map🤷‍♀️? wondering if it’s worth the money or can we just get off the ship and do it on our own? We really want to see the fort
  10. The only time I wear waterproof mascara is on a cruise / beach vacation. I find it a pain to use makeup remover to get it off in the evening, but less of a pain than having it run down my face. That and some eyebrow pencil and lipstick, and I’m done, and of course sunscreen 🙃
  11. Totally agree 🤣 the sad part is we had to miss our stop in the Bahamas because it was so windy we couldn’t safely get in
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