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  1. All of the singers have Parkinsonโ€™s Disease.Two professional singers choose the songs .It is through the APDA.Several of the singers appeared on Broadway.However,the majority never sang before.
  2. Several years ago we went to a concert to see a Neil Diamond tribute singer .A woman sitting next to me began singing the songs that the singer was singing .We were in the second row from the stage .I assume that the audience were not the only ones to hear her.
  3. My wifeโ€™s sister has a good friend who is an actor.He has appeared on many episodes of the various Law and Order Shows.In 1999 he arranged for me to be an Extra in an episode.I did not have a speaking part,I was just a face in a crowd but I got to meet Angie Harmon an actress on the show.
  4. We are 203 people from all over the world .There is a chat board on the zoom and we converse about the areas where we live . An hour after that ends is my Parkinsonโ€™s Creative Writing group. We are like a family there.Thirteen regulars from all over North America .We discuss our illness but also other things such as cruises we have been on.Todays topic was regrets we have .
  5. I agree that none enjoy the million .Tommy Sheehan who won Survivor a few years ago lives in my part of NY.He is a School Teacher .I never met him but his family is good friends with someone that I know. I was very happy with how he conducted himself on Survivor and that he won, best
  6. Tonight is the final episode of Season 46 of Survivor.If my granddog is correct and Liz wins it will be a total farce.There is no way that she should win. Although there is nobody left that I am rooting for in my opinion Charlie played the best of the remaining cast.
  7. I have a tee shirt that I bought in Curaco that was made in the US.
  8. We downsized in 2003 from a 4 story home in NYC to a 2 level town house in a condo and so much less space.The attic is only for storage,no basement but we have very large closets that can hold all our items from our parents.Our children have told us more than once to not get rid of anything from our parents and grand parents.
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