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  1. We exercise in the same gym. I expected to see him this past week but he was not there at all. I should see him there during the following week or just when I go to his bands concert next Saturday. A friend of mine who lives in Saugerties is planning to go to all 3 days at Bethel Woods .I will be seeing this guy tomorrow and he expects to get an update on Retro69 too.
  2. Correct but my thinking is that every american citizen primarily those who reside in NYC where so many police officers have been murdered by people who live luxurious lives in Cuba should think twice before going to Cuba .I assume that people from the groups I am referencing to not commit crimes against the police in the area where you reside nor do they where I reside. In fact my town is so crime free that we do not even have a police force.
  3. There are many people who post about politics on CC who never have posts deleted including many posts about the current US President. I e-mailed one of the moderators and he never responded to me.
  4. My wife and I and our family and friends will not support the economy of Cuba or any other country that harbors fugitives.My belief is that every American should feel the same way.
  5. I would love to book this cruise,however,we go to 2 911 memorial services every year.One of our grand daughters will be singing at one of them as she has been doing for the past 9 years . It will be a great cruise.
  6. This past Sunday I had dinner with friends from Hidden Ridge.They often went to the restaurant in White Lake. Re my friends band not being on the advertised list.I have not spoken to him in more than a week but if you go on the bands website it states that they are the opening act on day 3. I have plans to see his band in concert on April 27 and I wil hopefully be able to speak to him.
  7. CC has removed nearly every post I have made regarding Cuba. A friend of mine who posted on CC for many years was a NYS police officer.In 1981 his nephew a NYC police officer and his partner were murdered by people who are living the life of luxury in Cuba. My deleted post was that in my opinion no american should be going to Cuba till those people are sent back to the US.
  8. 2 suggestions: 1) Contact AAA 2) If you know anyone attending Ohio State I am sure there are students driving from campus to NJ for holidays.
  9. I have often wondered why an Orthodox jew would be on a cruise on the Sabbath because it is a moving vehicle. It was explained to me that it is there home away from home.Does anyone else have a better explanation ?.
  10. There are at least 5 people who murdered NYC police officers living in luxury in Cuba in assylum.
  11. That was not my point. See my post above. My wife and I and our friends ,many of whom are retired NYC police officers will never vacation to Cuba .
  12. I forgot to add that we and 4 members of our group ate at Junior's.My wife and I never ate there before. It is something that you only go to once ,I would think.
  13. We saw Tootsie today with 42 other members of our theater club.The consensus opinion was that the show was good but not great. For me the lead actor was nothing special but the lead actress had an amazing voice. Several other actors were very good.I would recommend the play.
  14. I had a very good friend who died on 911 and only for a quirk of fate I was not in the World Trade Center with him on that day.
  15. My best friend in high school and his wife developed a kosher dessert food called Genuto.It is available in Trader Joe's and other stores in your area.
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