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  1. Too late now,hopefully next year. We did a Summit cruise to New England and Canada in 2013.Obviously I did not look hard enough.
  2. We also are doing a December Caribbean cruise.We were thinking of a New England-Canada cruise but we want one that stops in Quebec City leaving from NY or NJ and could not find one.
  3. Although we have cruised to the Caribbean more than 10 times we have always gone in December or January.This year we are going in October .Is this a mistake ?
  4. We saw Ain’t Too Proud today. I thought the show was very good but not great. There was an understudy for the lead role but he was very good.
  5. I am not Christian and many others are not Christian but the spirit of Christmas is something that many people of other religions enjoy.
  6. I posted this before on CC on another thread .I have a personal connection to the events of 9/11 .I was supposed to be at 2 World Trade Center that day but due to a quirk of fate I was not. A good friend of mine died there that day.
  7. I worked for a company 25 years that owned the building that I worked in ,a 20 story building. We only occupied 3 floors. Every year I was designated to go to every floor and sing Christmas Carols as well as Christmas songs that I wrote.I did that for 10 years. We had on premise Christmas parties each of the 25 years that I worked there in addition to having Christmas parties in restaurants. Employees were encouraged not only to exchange cards but to exchange gifts as well.
  8. We are seeing the Temptations show tomorrow.
  9. We are going with grand kids but I do not know where we are sitting .We will be 8 people taking my wife for a special birthday.Since everything is essentially a surprise for her I cannot be told that much ,lol.
  10. We did a 14 day Alaska ,7 days land and 7 days sea with Holland America.It was great.
  11. I send out Christmas cards to everyone that I used to work with who celebrate the holiday.
  12. Come from Away is one of the best plays I ever saw.I have been a theater goer since 1964.
  13. From 1967 to 2002 I kept every bit of vacation souveniers.I had 4 crates.Then I got rid of everything. I wish I saved some. What I do have ,not cruise or vacation related is the Christmas lists from work where the names ,addresses and phone numbers of all employees were given out so that people could mail Christmas cards.I have those going back nearly 50 years.
  14. Solely out of curiosity.A cousin of mine wrote a play titled A Prelude to Hamlet.It opened in Syracuse and the reviews were so good,great actually that he brought it directly to Manhattan. By any chance did you ever see it ?
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