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  1. I have Parkinson’s and 12 other wonderful illnesses .Having recurring skin cancer is the least of my problems.
  2. In 1955 in Brooklyn ,NY a ten year old black kid was murdered by 3 twelve year old white knew kids who never went to jail even though there were eye witnesses.One of whom was me.The father of one of the kids was a Brooklyn Supreme Court judge and he was not allowing his son and his friends to go to jail.
  3. We loved cruising on HAL till we discovered Celebrity and RCI.
  4. I was speaking to a friend earlier.He said that his next house neighbor had a party in his back yard last night,at least 200 people who were not wearing masks or socially distancing.
  5. It is 81 and sunny in my area today.Peopl will be at the beaches.It will be interesting tomorrow to find out if they social distanced.
  6. I eat dinner at home at 4:15 so I like early dinner on a cruise.
  7. In January my barber was charging me $17 for a haircut and beard cut.My expectation is that when he re opens it will be $40.
  8. This kind of behavior is not new .It has happened in states all over the country .People use a death as an excuse to loot and burn.
  9. I predict that all restaurants ,bowling alleys and hardware stores will increase prices once they open.
  10. I was referring to the people that we are not supposed to discuss on the boards as per CC.
  11. Not just cruise lines but also the people who supposedly exist to help us.
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