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  1. lenquixote66

    NCL is heartless!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would send a letter to the CEO of the line and CC the NY Times
  2. lenquixote66

    Bayonne cruise parking

    Only use Terminal parking
  3. We have never paid for wifi . We go on a cruise to get away from everything happening in the world and to relax . We always find a way to find everyone on the ship.
  4. We have all of ours going back to 2008
  5. lenquixote66

    Surveys are driving me BANANAS

    They still do it and it makes me want to give them a 1 but I still give a 10.
  6. lenquixote66

    Tales Of The Bermuda Triangle

    In 1973 my wife and I were on a cruise to Bermuda that left from NYC . At that time ships went through the triangle.It was a beautiful sunny day and all of a sudden the sky got dark and we were in the middle of a severe storm. Every person on the ship including the crew the the ships doctor became quite ill.As soon as we left the triangle the sky was blue and we were back in sunshine.
  7. We were on Carnival once and had no desire to go back.We have been on 6 cruise lines .
  8. lenquixote66

    To Suit or not to Suit

    Less than 5 % .I last wore a suit in 2015 on a cruise.
  9. lenquixote66

    Gratuities and my time dining

    Yes,you can
  10. lenquixote66

    Chance of Upgrade at Port?

    not very likely
  11. lenquixote66

    How many days until your next cruise??? Part 2

    56 ,cannot wait
  12. lenquixote66

    Top Dollar Slot

    I was playing a penny machine and accidently hit maximum bet. I won $547 and took it home.
  13. lenquixote66

    Best place for pizza near Times Square or Penn Station

    The best pizza and corned beef are in Brooklyn: Lenny and John's Pizzeria Mill Basin Deli Lenny
  14. Feel free to wear anything you desire except for tee shirts and shorts.