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  1. Alaska is not 24 hours of daylight.It is 6 months of 21 hours and 6 months of 21 hours of darkness.
  2. My daughter and family live in a town with a population of 713.There are more animals roaming around than people.
  3. My prediction is that no cruises shall depart from the US until July 24,2023.
  4. My daughter who lives in upstate NY has large amounts of wild turkeys on her lawn.They only seem to want to be there rather than visit other people.
  5. One of my friends relocated to Charleston about 30 years ago and became head of the Red Cross.
  6. The only voicemail I ever get on my cell phone is spam.
  7. A friend of one of my neighbors,a 59 year old healthy man went to Florida last week to visit family members.Three days later he became ill and died.
  8. I have an 8mm of my wedding which we transferred to VHS.Luckily we kept 2 VCR’s and the video is in excellent condition .I watch it frequently.
  9. Watch it immediately.I want to know who really killed JFK and if you have the evidence you would share it with us.
  10. We have three different numbers.You and Bob are a lot healthier than Mrs.66 and I and also a bit younger.It is important for my wife and I to have as much access as possible to family members.Three numbers has been sufficient.
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