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  1. On 3/13 cancelled 4/19 cruise by phone. Received an email confirmation within a few minutes. Received refund to my credit card yesterday (5/20) dated 3/14. The refund was for cruise fare/taxes/fees and an excursion.
  2. I’m so sorry if this type of question was asked already in this thread. I cancelled my April 2020 Magic cruise and will be booking a replacement cruise for November 2020. The replacement cruise is less expensive than my April cruise was. For reasons, I’d like that difference in the form of OBC. For example, let’s say the April cruise was $2000 and November is $1500. I’m getting $1000 refunded to my cc and $1000 FCC for the April cancellation. If I pay the refunded $1000 toward the November cruise and use $500 of the FCC for the balance, will the remaining $500 turn into OBC? Thank
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