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  1. I did recall seeing automated mahjong tables on either Quantum or Ovation before at Music Hall Deck 4 but they were not operating at that time. I did see people playing mahjong there before though using the normal tiles so i assume it can be rented from Guest Service or something.
  2. On certain cruises, the Balcony prices are close to Interior but in general i still feel they are on the high side. There is also no member discount for balcony and suite rooms which is disappointing, they are just giving 50 USD OBC for members.
  3. Yeah but even 374 for interior 3 night sailing is rather pricey and i tend to go for Balcony/Junior Suites. Furthermore 3 nights Mon-Thu is quite taxing on my annual leave. I'm actually hoping for 1 or 8 Mar sailing price to drop then do a B2B. Hopeful that means i won't have to swab twice too depending on what happens then.
  4. I'm sailing on 4 Mar though i'm considering if i want to book another cruise in Jan/Feb just to get the double points to help raise my loyalty points but prices are not exactly favourable.
  5. Looking forward to read more info about the cruises when you are back. I'm only sailing in March.
  6. I received a cancellation notice from Royal for my Mar cruise on Quantum and it did state that they will be offering 3/4 nights cruise to nowhere instead.
  7. For cruises out from Singapore, most things follow the international standards. Have been to Coastal Kitchen on both Quantum and Ovation while staying in a JS.
  8. It seems Quantum is leaving Singapore in March 2021 for Tokyo and there are currently 2 10 night sailings round trip from Tokyo. No cruises after that for now.
  9. I understand that kids will follow their parents CAS status until they turn 18 but what age do kids start accumulating their nights towards their own CAS status? Do they start from babies or only when they are 13 since a CAS account requires the person to be at least 13 years of age.
  10. Opps its 2021 not 2020. Thanks for the info. Hopefully they will add more to her to make her more similar to her sisters. Specially bought the unlimited dining package for my cruise in nov hoping for some new restaurants and was damn disappointed that nothing new was added...
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