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  1. Thats good to know. Thanks all.
  2. I understand that kids will follow their parents CAS status until they turn 18 but what age do kids start accumulating their nights towards their own CAS status? Do they start from babies or only when they are 13 since a CAS account requires the person to be at least 13 years of age.
  3. Opps its 2021 not 2020. Thanks for the info. Hopefully they will add more to her to make her more similar to her sisters. Specially bought the unlimited dining package for my cruise in nov hoping for some new restaurants and was damn disappointed that nothing new was added...
  4. All i see is the announced information about the current changes made this year. I am referring to the 1 in Apr that some people are talking about as the reason for Voyager to return to Singapore earlier than previously scheduled.
  5. Just to check, i saw a few posts about Voyager undergoing another refurbishment in Apr 2020. Can i know where is this news from? I do agree that the current amplification is rather pathetic compared to the rest of her sisters but I can't seem to find any such information online about this extra refurbishment.
  6. Kitty was on Voyager when I was onboard on 17 May.
  7. This OBC came from Royal Caribbean as I made the booking through the website. The ship is sailing out of Singapore and usually Singapore sailings follows most processes similar to the rest of the world. I do understand that China sailings have different rules but that should not have been the case for my sailing.
  8. Has anyone ever experience receiving OBC from RC but being unable to use it for pre-cruise purchase? After over a month bouncing emails with RC, i was informed that the 100 OBC given by RC when we purchase the cruise can't be used for pre-cruise purchases and can only be used onboard.
  9. Daily happy hour and the 3 free drinks loaded on the card is still there.
  10. Just got off Voyager today, Michelle is the current CD so Ken Jones left already.
  11. Interested to know if it works to get a 4 nights package for a group of 4. Previously been travelling with just a Friend and was offered the 4 nights package to use for 2 dinners but we didn't take it up that time since we already had other plans. This was on Voyager so it seems its not just 1 ship that has allowed this.
  12. Does anyone have experience of sharing dining packages? Example purchase a 4 night dining package and sharing it between 2 people to have specialty dining on 2 nights each? This was offered once on my previous cruise but I'm unsure if its unique to that cruise as the packages were not selling well or is it something that is a norm and allowed on all ships as I'm considering if I can get a 4 night dining package to allow 4 persons to have 1 night in specialty dining.
  13. They have reduced 4 ships (Voyager, Mariner, Quantum, Ovation) to just 2 ships (Spectrum, Quantum) so its not really increasing capacity by putting in another ship.
  14. The windjammer usually opens till 1am or was it 2am for most Asian cruises though the food feels more like leftover dinner food since its often similar items. The last I had a buffet on the pool deck was maybe 4-5 years ago on Voyager.
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