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  1. In general do you get notified 48 hours before the sail date or 24 hours? I have read both, but what is the usual?
  2. Awesome. Usually when it says processing it is accepted.
  3. I didn't think about that. Yes we are in a Spa Mini Suite. I will call and see if there are some available if I just direct upgrade.
  4. Congratulations...hoping ours goes through soon, same cruise.
  5. Oh next time I will just buy what I want. No more bidding for me. If I knew I could keep my spa passes or some were available to buy I would just go ahead and upgrade to the Haven, but the spa passes are not available to buy for me on the website so I am (not) patiently waiting.
  6. Congratulations. I am still waiting to hear. Noticed they opened up some balconies and stuff yesterday. Tempted to just direct upgrade to the haven instead of this waiting.
  7. I know we are still 8 days out, but anyone heard anything for Feb 7th Breakaway?
  8. The torture of waiting especially for a person (me) who has little to no patience is excruciating. I now wish I had just paid for what I wanted out right. FYI I tried to do just that when they lowered the price and was told it was for new reservations only. I find it a little crazy not to have allowed a upgrade at a lower advertised price. Of course now I am bidding. I will be happy in the cabin I originally purchased but I would love to have just upgraded out right. Hopefully they will start handing out the upgrades soon we are nine days away from sailing.
  9. We did the private island out of Belize City in 2014 and it was lovely, a storm had passed though the week before so there was some seaweed but not un-swimable. Lively guide to the island with lots of explanation on the mangroves. Even got to see dolphins will on the transfer boat. Our captain stopped so everyone could get pictures. FYI they rent these flotation rafts for like 5 bucks or was 5. Worth every penny because the lounge chairs are hard wood slates.We rented two and laid in the sun very comfortably on them.
  10. The waiting, guessing, watching, and adjusting bids has been fun and nerve racking. Have 39 more days till the 48 hour notice and I am ready to find out. February 7th seems a long way off while waiting to see if bids are accepted. Anyone else adjust them up and down daily? LOL
  11. Thank you. I just checked and they have fixed whatever the problem was because I am still in a M9. All bids are still pending LOL. Back to hoping I go. Either way we will be cruising for 10 glorious days in 55 days.
  12. Yes I have multiple upgrade bids out.
  13. Its strange. My other reservation has the room and category. Hoping my upgrade is going through and that is why its not showing on the upcoming cruise.
  14. Anyone else notice your room number and category missing from the vacation summary? I know it was there early this morning but now its missing off my vacation summary page. My documents still show it the room, just curious why its not showing up on the page anymore. Yes I am obsessed with my upcoming cruise I look at it all the time.
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