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  1. We are booked through the Scenic Tours Antigua so now I am a little nervous. I don't remember reading any of those things when making the reservation. I will let you know how it goes as we leave on 2/17.
  2. I hope all is well with you and you are just busy 🙂 Is there any way you could post the remaining Daily's? You are the only one with a review of this cruise and it is nice to see those before going. If not, I completely understand. Am super anxious to read the rest of your review as we leave 2/17. Thanks again!!
  3. This is the San Juan board isn't it?
  4. Have you joined the roll call for this cruise? It has been kind of quiet but it is picking up now that the holidays are over and it is closer.
  5. We sail in less than 45 days.... I have been so excited about your review as it is the only one so far regarding this itinerary. Can't wait to see the rest 🙂
  6. It looks like you are about 20 feet from the casino.
  7. I booked through Barbados Cruise Excursions, $55 per person includes lunch. Here is the blurb from our confirmation letter: The taxi is aprox $5.00 USD per person and is approximately 3miles or 10 minutes from the Cruise Ship Terminal. Upon arriving at the Hilton Barbados Resort, please check in withthe Front Desk where you will be required to present this confirmation and topay the balance due.. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Your all inclusive beach break is rain or shine. You will have the use of non-motorized water sports, chairs,umbrellas, restaurant, bathrooms and outdoor showers. Tips: Please remember to bring your bathing suit and sunblock.
  8. I have not experienced any of my suggestions yet, as we will be there in February. However, I had reached out to their tourism board and received a packet with lots of information. So, here are the ones in my information: http://eastislandpr.com/the-amazing-grace-old-san-juan-tour.html https://sanjuanwatertours.com/ http://www.wesailpr.com/choose-your-sail.html I hope this helps you.
  9. I am a planner and one that does a lot of research with cost/ratings etc. We booked this excursion. $38 US per person for 6 hours. http://scenictoursantigua.com/v2/online-bookings/tour/island-experience/
  10. I just searched Booking.com for your date and there are quite a few options for less than $400. We are going in February and staying at the El Canario by the lagoon. Granted, there are 2 of us and the room has twin beds, but it is just a little over $100 for the night. They don't have a pool but the beach is close. We are then staying in Old San Juan for 2 nights post cruise at the SJ Suites. Another option for you may be the Tres Palmas Inn, which is on the beach. It may be worth a look for you.
  11. Taxes will be charged. Thirty cents here, thirty cents there....it's all good!
  12. Perfect!! 13 days and that is ours!! Thank you and Taylor for sharing the pics!!;)
  13. Son of a.... by chance do you have any pictures you can post of your cabin? We will be in that cabin in 14 days and interested to see if after dry dock. Sounds like we made a good choice 500+ days ago when we booked the cruise!!
  14. I did find this on Youtube and looks like it would be a few rooms down the hall. I hope it helps.
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