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  1. Same here...we are supposed to complete our cruise in Vancouver on July 17. I am also fighting with Delta over $3200 for NR tickets. I can only get a fee waiver and e-voucher for which I must complete travel by August 21, 2020 UNLESS they cancel or change the flight by more than 3 hours, in which case I can get a full cash refund.
  2. Oops, so sorry OP, I think I just hijacked your post. We are booked in July...not sure what we are going to do, but moving it to August is one option.
  3. Would in a heartbeat but we have airfare to consider. I booked NR air tickets way back in August 2019. Delta will waive fees and issue a voucher, but it must be used and complete travel by August 21, 2020. I splurged and bought first class tickets, Orlando to Anchorage because the price was fair and it is our 40th wedding anniversary. Delta may extend as things progress, but Alaska is a short season and they would have to extend until summer 2021. Probably not gonna happen!
  4. Yes, this! Just heard on the news that Disney World in Orlando (and Disney Land in CA) is closing...now that is big!
  5. I think you should be okay with that. We got there around 8 or so (they close at 8:45). After seeing the pictures posted by APDMOM, I realized how much we actually missed! Still, there were people lined up at that point.
  6. Honestly, I think that Royal can be a bit hit or miss with their desserts and pastries. They always LOOK good, so you just have to try it. I recall seeing a lot of chocolate at the buffet, but do not recall seeing anything else you mentioned. As APDMOM mentioned, it was also Mexican night, which I love...and we did not hit the dessert first! I can tell you that the following night (7) they had an awesome dessert bar set up in WJ with most/all of the items you mentioned. This is where I had my favorite! Raspberry cream cake...delicious!! It also did not hurt that I put warm cherries jubilee over it AND a small scoop of raspberry sherbet...WOW!!
  7. Just got off Harmony this morning...we were along for the ride with ADPMOM. Thanks for your posts...awesome to review after our trip!! Just wanted to pitch in and help...WJ chocolate buffet was evening of Day 6 (Cozumel). We got there later and they were starting to run out of items...but it was great! We were also able to reuse WOW bands at no charge...they were from Symphony...no muster station.
  8. Grandma Petania, we are on the Harmony sailing just before yours...Nov 10. I, too, followed the link in the original thread about the dc’d perks...this was weeks ago. Just checked and no credit yet. I kept a copy of the response stating that I would be credited by 11/10. I may try and call RCI, but I do not want to waste time. I will report back if any progress...
  9. Wow, what a Royal mess...I hope they can get this straightened out soon! We are sailing in 27 days, and I do not want to have to deal with this after boarding. I completed the form request via the RCL link, and got the same messages as shown above. At the very least, I would like to have the original CPB deal, but I would much rather have the OBC as promised!
  10. Thank you so much! We will be following in your (almost exact) footsteps next July. I have already begun trip planning (big part of the enjoyment as you noted) but still a bit too early. I have already changed our initial itinerary to include Alyeska (maybe 2 nights!) and 26 Glaciers instead of arriving a day or so early in Seward and doing Major Marine and Kenai Fjords tour. I hate to miss MM but it will make car rental return so much easier! Loved hearing your thoughts and plans...and I hung on every word! Thanks again...I will be re-reading your blog many times before next July!!
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