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  1. As much as I love enjoying lido deck or going to other activities, sometimes it's nice just to enjoy the peace and quiet of your own balcony with a good book.
  2. I wonder if it depends on the port and/or sail date. I'll check back later and see if it updates I guess.
  3. I'm non-priority gold status with an arrival appt of 11:30-12:00. Boarding zone is currently blank.
  4. I'm a lowly gold. My status isn't going to impress people. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I'd love to use a pocket, but for some reason, clothing manufacturers don't think women need functional pockets.
  5. Judging someone else for how they choose to carry their S&S card seems like a lot of effort for a vacation personally. Sometimes I use a lanyard. Sometimes I use my bag. Sometimes I use my evening clutch. It just depends on what's convenient at the time.
  6. One additional thing to consider is ports. You can only take prepackaged food off the ship in ports. No fruit. No meat. I would be prepared with appropriate prepackaged snacks for those situations in case you can't find anything in ports that is safe for them to eat.
  7. My boarding pass very clearly has a final boarding time of 3:00 pm on it. I'm sorry they missed their cruise. Hopefully, they'll get a close hotel room next time. It really is worth the cost.
  8. Are stores and the casino open while in the canal?
  9. I plan on dressing up every night for dinner, including gowns for elegant nights. Dress as you like and enjoy!
  10. In all of my cruises, I have encountered truly obnoxious behavior only once. It was due to a small but mighty group who I know has cruised on other lines as well.
  11. If I recall correctly, it was about two hours after sailaway.
  12. I always fly in a day or two before. Granted I have to have a layover, which adds travel time. However, I would personally still fly in early with a shorter nonstop flight because delays are always possible. Having that cushion for peace of mind is worth it and you can get a good night's sleep the night before the cruise. I also book a later flight home. If your ship is delayed coming into port for some reason, you have another cushion. And I can get a decent lunch that isn't airport food. With Port Canaveral, you have to figure in travel time as well of course.
  13. I prefer late dining. I like not having to rush to get ready, especially on later port days. But I also like having the same wait staff, table mates, and table. After the first night, I don't have to wait in a line because my table is in the same place. I do grab a snack or something in the late afternoon to tide me over until dinner.
  14. It sounds like you already have your flights booked so I do hope all goes well for you. It would not be my personal choice, regardless of time of year. You can find plenty of horror stories and I don't need to start my vacation with that stress.
  15. First, take a deep breath and relax. It's a vacation. You won't have to cook or clean for a week! It sounds like most of your food questions have been answered, but it's safe to say that you won't go hungry. One thing I would recommend bringing is a bigger glass with a lid. The cups on lido are small. Running to get a refill all the time can get annoying, especially if you're doing it for kids too. Since you're coming in pre-cruise, try to pack everything that you'll need until you get into your cabin separately. That way you don't have to repack a bag because you had to look for a pair of pjs!
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