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  1. KSC is not in Orlando. It is just north of Port Canaveral. I agree with 1025 cruise regarding pricing taxi/ uber vs. Ship excursion.
  2. We were in 1832 earlier this year. It was incredibly loud in that cabin - a variety of mechanical noises at any and all times of the day and night. Avoid!
  3. After reading this,one wonders why he isn't. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6409941/Woman-died-cruise-didnt-want-trip-husband.html
  4. So there I am, doing my online check-in for our next HAL cruise that has a stop in Cuba. I get to the final page where one can print boarding passes, etc. and there is a link to "Important Visa Information." Which most unhelpfully redirects when clicked on to HAL's FAQ page which has NO visa information. Is anyone able to tell me what the Important Visa Information is? And yes, I've tried MS Edge, Firefox, and Safari browers all with the same result. Thank you.
  5. Right there with you. I go to Alaska to see its amazing natural beauty. I don't want to be a part of harming its environment.
  6. If HAL says yes to the OP, as it apparently has to several others, what exactly is it that the OP is "getting away with"?
  7. I would be "really disappointed" about it. Also just my opinion. ALL opinions are valid when one is discussing how one feels about something.
  8. That's awful. Sincere condolences to all who knew the crew member. Very sad situation.
  9. You seem to be under the impression that I was "taking a side" by asking those questions. **shrugs**
  10. There's a lot here that doesn't make sense. Why would HAL wait two days from the time of the incident before kicking them off the ship? Why wouldn't some type of action have been taken at the time of the incident? Why wouldn't HAL just clear the whole mess up by showing the video, if it existed? Why would HAL invite them back on another cruise?
  11. I've also been in 409. It was a very good deal! We enjoyed the larger than usual balcony very much. Very quiet, too.
  12. Wait, what? The Zaandam leaving the fleet? If that's true, then what's happening to HAL's "smaller ship" marketing strategy?
  13. Yes, more sympathy and less must-have-the-last-word scoring of points would seem in order. I join you, VennDiagram, in offering sympathy to all affected by this sad situation.
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