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  1. Hi, they didn't say why we docked there. It seemed planned because it was in our daily guide. In Mykonos, we got to dock. We were 1 of 2 ships it looked like (I say this because I saw one floating out where we were floating the day before in Santorini). Not sure if you will get to dock if there are 3 ships, but it seemed there was room for more than one ship to dock.
  2. I recommend getting off the ship as early as you can and then getting back on 1-2 hrs before all aboard to avoid long lines in the heat. At Malta, we had to do a shuttle boat back to ship and lines were long. Santorini, same thing. There is a cable car that takes you down to the tender boats and it took us 45-50 min to get back to the ship. Then, once you’re back on the ship, the restaurants aren’t as crazy busy if you’re back an hour or two before everyone else 🙂 we had a party of 9 so it was better to get everywhere earlier.
  3. I should also add that we looked at Uber when we were at FCO just to see what the cost would be to get to our hotel, and it was $91!!! Uber is not common here at all, but it was almost double what the cost of the cab was
  4. Yes; lots of our tour guides have said it’s more hot than usual, although always hot. Our guide in Pompei said October is when the cooler weather starts although you might get lucky in September!
  5. Taxi seems to be quite expensive here in Italy although they are professional drivers with nice, air conditioned vehicles. We paid €55 FCO to hotel, and €150 to cruise port (it is a little over one hour) BUT we needed a van as we are a large party of 5 with 5+ suitcases. If you have less people than that, it would probably be less for a smaller vehicle. I prepaid everything via PayPal before we left.
  6. Hi all! Since CruiseCritic was so helpful to me in planning this trip, I wanted to share our experience as well for those planning. Day 1 and day 2 we were in Rome on our own and scheduled our own tours. I highly recommend this as it was so educational and efficient. We were harassed so badly at the Colosseum by tour and skip the line peddlers since we did NOT have a tour, that we left. The people were RELENTLESS. Even after saying no multiple times, they followed us around until my husband finally had to get loud with them to leave us alone. I had a lot of questions about spendin
  7. Good idea! I'll do that. I go right back to work when we return and definitely don't want laundry to do 😝
  8. Thanks for response! Did they offer it again on day 9 or 10 as well?
  9. Hi all, we are leaving next week on the Norwegian Jade for a 10-night Greek Isles and Italy cruise. I have never been on a vacation where I couldn't do laundry! I know others have posted that they offer a "fill your bag up" for $20 to be washed and dried at some point on the cruise. Does anyone know exactly when they do this? Trying to pack for my kids and don't know how many outfits they will truly need if laundry can be done halfway through.
  10. Great info! Thank you Oh wow, you spent that little in 28 days! That's a relief. I keep thinking I am going to have vastly underestimated spending but you all are making me feel better about that. If it's 10 euros per person per day, on all the days I don't have full excursions, I'll only need about $500-600 euros max (plus I can use my card, not included in that budget).
  11. Will the ATM machine ask me if I want to exchange in US dollar or euro?
  12. Thanks everyone! Any actual experience you're willing to share of what you ended up spending? Like 30 euros for lunch, 10 for coffee, couldn't use CC for less than certain amounts? I did do the envelope trick for the money I know I need euros for (exchanged enough for 700 total euros pre-trip). I am a little nervous using my ATM card over there as my friend had identity theft when she went on her Med Cruise 2 years ago!
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