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  1. We had $3800 for our most recently cancelled cruise that I guess will be applied at some point to our cruise this July.  It was a combo of shareholder credit and cancelled cruise credit d/t covid.  When I booked our cruise this summer my amount due was $130 with the balance paid by unused paid cruises.  Our cabin is a Havana Cabana on Horizon so for $130 total for the two of us it will be our cheapest cruise in a way, but not really given that it's our money they are just giving back.
    Prior to the Covid cancellations our highest OBC as I recall was in the $2k range from Early Saver credits and OBC for booking as well as shareholder credit.

    We can still use OBC at the casino I hope?  If not we will spend it somehow.....

  2. 17 minutes ago, PhillyFan33579 said:

    I think it is safe to assume NCL would not have cancelled cruises thru September if there was even a small chance the CDC would allow cruises to resume earlier. 

    NCL has less cash on hand and less potential to raise cash and I expect they will open after CCL and RCL simply to avoid the expense of staffing up and preparing to sail and then having to suspend business.  I think that small chance of sailing is too much for them to risk.  Bottom line is one of the three have to go first and I don't expect them to sail at the same time.

  3. 37 minutes ago, kskelley40 said:


    So, is this a sign that Carnival is about to extend their cancellations?

    In my experience yes it is a sign they are going to extend cancellations.  We had a cruise booked for April 27 and like others I thought they were limiting the numbers when booking became unavailable and then it was cancelled.  Same thing again for our July 25 cruise; unable to book then cancelled.  Our Sept cruise on Pride was not close to full and in fact I watched three aft wraps open up for booking and now it's cancelled.  I was maintaining holds on a cruise on Horizon for the same week in case Baltimore or Bermuda didn't open up, but Horizon became unavailable the same time Pride became unavailable.

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  4. 4 hours ago, Midwestgal said:

    Same here

    Ours too; We've sailed her five times from when she was new thru 2013 and we were booked on her THIS WEEK!  Breeze took the lead and has kept us coming back for more.

  5. 4 hours ago, kdavis7689 said:

    Hello all,


    So ive cruised quite a bit in my life (12 cruises under my belt) but this will be the first time I have ever cruised out of Baltimore, MD.

    Im torn between two Carnival cruises:

    1. A 7 day cruise, going to Half Moon Cay, Grand Turk, and Freeport + 3 fun days at sea


    2. A 7 day cruise, going to Bermuda for 3 full days + 3 fun days at sea.

    I have been to Freeport, Grand Turk, and Half Moon Cay (my wife whom I am bringing hasn't been to any of them)and I personally loved all of them so I dont mind doing them again with different shore excursions. As for Bermuda, the wife and I haven't been there either. My only fear about Bermuda is that Id get bored being in the same place for 3 days, or is it that nice that its worth being there for 3 days?. Has anyone been to all these places? what would you recommend? Thoughts and comments are welcome, Thanks!

    I would choose the Bermuda itinerary, but my reasons are; I've done the Eastern Caribbean Half Moon Cay, Grand Turk, Freeport itinerary out of Baltimore twice and we're booked on the Bermuda itinerary this September.  If not for having done the Eastern Caribbean option I would choose it.  I have sailed to Bermuda from Charleston SC and there's plenty to do.  
    Both options are better than the Nassau, Freeport, Cape Canaveral itinerary which I have not and don't plan to do.

  6. 8 minutes ago, alliecat1970 said:

    I filed in Feb cruise was April 2020, I have looked on their website still processing. You're not alone my friend.   Janet

    I sent mine in on Feb 2 and my wife sent hers on Feb 7.  She got her passport in 3 weeks and I got an email at 4 weeks that the passport center did not stamp or sign my application; I immediately filled out a new form and made sure they stamped it and mailed it that day and the status still says processing.....  We had a cruise scheduled for April 27 that got Covicancelled and I just hope it's here by our July 25 cruise.  If not I'll use BC.

  7. 4 hours ago, junglecat said:

    I'd like to know how you all have obtained so much OBC.  We only have $200 on our September 12th sailing.  It was given to us only because we carry a Carnival Mastercard.  It's my understanding we will also get another $50 if we keep the sailing.  This is a short 5 day out of New Orleans to celebrate our DD's one year wedding anniversary.  Am I missing out on something on getting those large OBC's?

    Thanks all, stay healthy

    We have $1500 OBC from price drops for our July cruise plus $100 shareholders credit and $100 for the type of booking we chose.

  8. 7 minutes ago, Elaine5715 said:

    That is because you booked Early Saver, not a casino rate.  Once  Early Saver, always Early Saver

    I booked myself Early Saver, but my booked my son using his casino rate.  I called and got his casino rate adjusted to the current casino rate and file Early Saver adjustments for myself online.  I've used Early Saver since it began and always end up with on board credit.

  9. 1 hour ago, BK456 said:


    Has anyone ever just canceled their cruise and rebooked it to get the better price? My January cruise is $300 cheaper right now if I were to book the same room. I sent the inquiry to receive credit for a price drop, but they would not honor due to it not being an early saver rate. It was a casino offer I believe. We have vacation protection... and even that price has dropped to $79/person!!


    Just wondering what the disadvantages would be if I did this. My PVP was also no help.



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    I called Friday and got a price adjustment for a cruise in July that I booked for my son last July using Casino rate.  I booked Early saver and just fill out the online form and get approval every time.  When I called they said the rate is eligible for price drops up to final payment date, but you do have to call.

  10. 59 minutes ago, tennboy1981 said:

    Great, thank you.  Did you have to send in booking numbers individually?  I sent a fax in last week for 2 bookings.

    I included all booking numbers, ships / sail dates on one and sent in.

  11. 40 minutes ago, tennboy1981 said:

    So I bought 100 shares in Carnival last week and applied for the shareholder OBC on 2 booked cruises.  Still have not heard anything or gotten anything. Is Carnival still doing the shareholder OBC or does anyone know how long it takes to hear from them?  Do I need to have them paid off first?  Thanks

    Takes about three to four weeks.  You do not have to have cruise paid off.  We got confirmation on 5 of 8 cruises that we have booked and advised to resend in info for cruises after July 2021 with ownership proof that is current at that time.


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  12. On 3/24/2020 at 10:42 AM, SmileEh said:

    I have a booking Jan 2021 under Early Saver in which a $250 deposit was made... My friend is saying she doesn't want to go now due to losing her job from covid-19... I know we have to pay a $50 penalty per person and the remaining $150 will be given a Future Cruise Credit... The booking was initially made in her name... My question is can I get the Future Cruise Credit put in my name even though she's the Primary booker?

    I just checked a future Early Saver booking of mine where I paid $250 deposit and the terms of cancellation are loss of $250; no $50 penalty and no $150 Future Cruise Credit.  You can check online under booking details and there's a link for cancellation options that details how much cancelling will cost you.

  13. 38 minutes ago, sanger727 said:


    Ok. I guess I am operating under the assumption that if you didn't have enough cash reserves to float yourself a loan to buy the stock now and replenish your savings with your refund you probably should be taking the cash no matter what.



    I have owned CCL stock many times over the years, but when this all started I didn't own any.  I bought last week and plan to buy more.  Stock is a better choice for me since I'll just apply a refund to another cruise or FCC to another cruise, but I would hold CCL for at least as long as I think it's finished going up.  Replenishing my savings isn't my goal; biggest bang for the buck is.
    Carnival would win as well if they issued stock since a refund could be a loss and a FCC simply replaces money they would have earned from someone else regardless.

  14. 21 minutes ago, sanger727 said:

    If you want stock, take the refund and buy stock. I've never heard of a company giving stock in lieu of a refund and the logistics of it would be terrible. Take the money and do whatever you want with it. Not sure I understand this.


    I haven't heard of it happening either, however an option at a pricepoint on the day a cancellation occurs would be handy to have given a refund takes 90 days and a lot can change in 90 days.

  15. 1 hour ago, marshhawk said:

    In the event that our current situation continues, and we have to find a future cruise (out in the future) what cruise have you chosen to take?  The same one, or a new one?

    I was planning hypothetically this morning, and found a great 5 day cruise out of Tampa.  This would be a "new" ship for us, and ports that we haven't been to in a while-sounds like a decent trade off.  Gives me hope.  How about you? 

    I've been looking at the same cruise on different dates that don't conflict too closely with other bookings.

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