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  1. Trishlo73, The room was large and we loved the location and easy access to the semi private balcony. The AC was NOT cool. We've been lucky in the past and never had a room without good AC, but it wasn't as bad as others in that area. Ask your steward for a fan and you will be OK. September should be better in terms of temperature. There was NO noise from outside, above, or from steward's closet. To access the balcony you walk out of your cabin door, turn left and take about ten steps; go through two doors and you are there. Make sure you allow inner door to close before opening outer door; keeps wind from rushing in.
  2. Room; Door on left is our room door. Door at end of hall is first of two doors out to semi private deck; Balcony outside of the cabin; Plenty of room on deck outside of room;
  3. dsotm73, Your exact words were "because none of this makes any sense financially." Now do you see it? :confused:
  4. dsotm73, 10% discount makes sense. Part of 'business' sense is saving money and vacations are about doing what you want to do.
  5. It's nice to see they've changed tactics; I got a legal notice a few years back advising me they would be filing suit against me for my CarnivalCruiser.net website. At the time I had a few family cruise photos and nothing objectionable. I ignored the letter, but did reply to the email that I am a Carnival Cruiser and they are Carnival Cruise Line. I don't claim to be Carnival.com or affiliated with Carnival.
  6. At the P/D party last week on Magic there were more Diamond members than I've ever sailed with.
  7. Towel deposit? I normally lug mine to the room and deposit it on the floor in the bathroom. Never have paid or been asked for a deposit. Perhaps it happens, but I've not noticed.
  8. TheBeatnik, We've sailed Liberty five times and each cruise was unique. We've sailed Pride twice, Breeze three times, SunShine three times; discovered new things each time.
  9. tlw440, We sail July 8. I'm not sure yet about doing a review. If I get everything organized and time allows afterwards...:confused: We're really looking forward to Magic; we'll have all three boys with us on this one so a review will be more likely.
  10. Thank you for the info; looks like I'll be tipping my steward extra to round some up. ;)
  11. tpmartin, Did you happen to notice if there were any lounge chairs out on the front decks? I know they have them on some ships, but of the pics of Magic that I have seen only very few show any lounge chairs. Our cabins are on deck 11 so we'll be two decks above, but maybe you saw some?
  12. NYBumpkin, Same here. Some of the changes were things I didn't think I'd like; Your Time Dining. Huge change. Tried it when it came out and while I still miss meeting new friends, I wouldn't go back simply because it's so much more convenient. Table cloths? Didn't that change happen over a year ago? What people wear or don't wear to dinner? I rarely notice what other people are wearing and can't imagine my meal being affected by what someone else wears. Future Cruise purchase changes; penny penching perhaps, but there were very few people taking advantage that I saw and I preferred when we could buy certificates and not actually book. We booked both with certificates and booked while on board and now we'll have several weeks after to book or not book. We are booked through July 2018 so it's safe to say we're sticking with Carnival. Eventually they will open up perks to allow us to book any Carnival brand and that will be a great move for them and us as well. :cool:
  13. We had an aft wrap on deck six on Dream and while we enjoyed it very much, there's no way I would opt for a regular balcony on deck six vs a regular on deck 11; Deck 11 (Panorama) wins hands down. We've had deck six aft wraps on Breeze and we've had Panorama deck regular balconies on Breeze and Panorama is by far the best option unless you have an aft wrap. Our next cruise is on Magic and we're on Deck 11 because the aft wraps were booked. The Lanai (Deck 5) is far enough below deck 11 to be a non issue unless you look straight down. As for movement, there's movement everywhere; its a ship on the ocean. If there's a lot of side wind, there will be movement. If deck 11 were $200 more than deck 6, I'd still book deck 11.
  14. lboiv001, Flying to an island is fun, but since your daughter has never cruised nor been to the caribbean then cruise is her best option IMO.
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