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  1. NCL has less cash on hand and less potential to raise cash and I expect they will open after CCL and RCL simply to avoid the expense of staffing up and preparing to sail and then having to suspend business. I think that small chance of sailing is too much for them to risk. Bottom line is one of the three have to go first and I don't expect them to sail at the same time.
  2. In my experience yes it is a sign they are going to extend cancellations. We had a cruise booked for April 27 and like others I thought they were limiting the numbers when booking became unavailable and then it was cancelled. Same thing again for our July 25 cruise; unable to book then cancelled. Our Sept cruise on Pride was not close to full and in fact I watched three aft wraps open up for booking and now it's cancelled. I was maintaining holds on a cruise on Horizon for the same week in case Baltimore or Bermuda didn't open up, but Horizon became unavailable the same time Pride became u
  3. Given the bargain prices on fuel lately I would imagine the voyages via ship are cheaper than paying for airfare plus the diesels need to be operated to maintain peak performance.
  4. To the victor go the spoils. Cuban government stole property from Cuban citizens. The party the plaintiffs are actually after is the Cuban government not CCL. I missed the last cruise window but hopefully the next will be permanently open to a free Cuba.
  5. Granted they immigrated first, but placed no claims or deeds of ownership. The lawsuit is more for political change than financial gain.
  6. The cruise companies should pay berthing rights to the rightful owners and that would likely lead to more expats standing up for their rights. The docks were stolen by the government and they should not profit off their theft.
  7. Ours too; We've sailed her five times from when she was new thru 2013 and we were booked on her THIS WEEK! Breeze took the lead and has kept us coming back for more.
  8. I keep following you! You should be getting on Liberty today or tomorrow? and I should be boarding Monday... If only..
  9. I would choose the Bermuda itinerary, but my reasons are; I've done the Eastern Caribbean Half Moon Cay, Grand Turk, Freeport itinerary out of Baltimore twice and we're booked on the Bermuda itinerary this September. If not for having done the Eastern Caribbean option I would choose it. I have sailed to Bermuda from Charleston SC and there's plenty to do. Both options are better than the Nassau, Freeport, Cape Canaveral itinerary which I have not and don't plan to do.
  10. I sent mine in on Feb 2 and my wife sent hers on Feb 7. She got her passport in 3 weeks and I got an email at 4 weeks that the passport center did not stamp or sign my application; I immediately filled out a new form and made sure they stamped it and mailed it that day and the status still says processing..... We had a cruise scheduled for April 27 that got Covicancelled and I just hope it's here by our July 25 cruise. If not I'll use BC.
  11. We have $1500 OBC from price drops for our July cruise plus $100 shareholders credit and $100 for the type of booking we chose.
  12. Yes it is refundable if d/t price drop. If not refundable you can go to casino and charge chips to your card for table games and then cash out at cashier.
  13. When I called for my son's drop they said keep watching and call back if it drops before final payment.
  14. Elaine, I booked myself Early Saver, but my booked my son using his casino rate. I called and got his casino rate adjusted to the current casino rate and file Early Saver adjustments for myself online. I've used Early Saver since it began and always end up with on board credit.
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