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  1. I have three bookings for later this month and each one has a TBA and one of them has two TBA. I am guessing I'll need to fill them in prior to filling out boarding passes two weeks out.
  2. We had $3800 for our most recently cancelled cruise that I guess will be applied at some point to our cruise this July. It was a combo of shareholder credit and cancelled cruise credit d/t covid. When I booked our cruise this summer my amount due was $130 with the balance paid by unused paid cruises. Our cabin is a Havana Cabana on Horizon so for $130 total for the two of us it will be our cheapest cruise in a way, but not really given that it's our money they are just giving back. Prior to the Covid cancellations our highest OBC as I recall was in the $2k range from Early Saver credits and OBC for booking as well as shareholder credit. We can still use OBC at the casino I hope? If not we will spend it somehow.....
  3. Hey Tom Yeah I need to visit here more often. Really miss the old atmosphere here.
  4. You steward has few assigned rooms and more to detail.
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