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  1. With my luck it would be raining.... LOL I was earlier noting how much cabanas at the ports have risen in price (HMC for example). Now I see them as a bargain. So much to see/do/eat on the Mardi Gras that I can't see spending that much time in one place to justify the price but someone will enjoy it.
  2. I have allergies... I sneeze and cough. Perfume sends me into a coughing fit (I avoid formal nights like the plague). I still would say no - I don't think that's what they are meaning. Hope that doesn't mean I fill out the form incorrectly! That question has multiple symptoms.... but yeah, I could see it causing an issue for someone.
  3. No. He was actually trying to encourage folks to get the Moderna vaccine to folks who were wanting J&J and it was in short supply. He said don't wait, please get the vaccine that is available and get protected as soon as possible. I specifically remember this as I was planning on J&J... glad I followed his advice and got Moderna as it was available. I think folks that don't live in Florida hear some sound bites but really have no idea.
  4. Exactly. I've posted this quote before "Christine Duffy is therefore appreciative of governor DeSantis’s lawsuit against the CDC, as it will hopefully call for the CDC to move up their timelines or drop the CSO entirely."
  5. I logged on to check - mine are there. Try logging off and logging back in?
  6. For us now, it's embarkation port. We live less than 15 minutes from Port Canaveral and are no longer willing to go further since you can reach most ports of call from PC these days. The exception is embarking from San Juan if they every bring that back - worth the flight.
  7. His flight is delayed, hope he makes it.
  8. They sell out very early. I have one booked over a year and a half out . Check often though. I was looking for one for December and they were all sold out but I kept checking and was able to get one.
  9. His video from YESTERDAY said despite the travel restrictions he was flying American Airlines with an "essential personnel" letter. It just didn't work. The travel restrictions have been in place for a while.
  10. His next video states he was stopped by U.S. and the U.S. border is closed to UK. That is consistent with what I've read for quite some time. From the Express (UK News) "The Financial Times reported that it is unlikely that a conclusion will be reached about the travel corridor between the US and UK and talks are expected to extend until August and possibly even September."
  11. They turned away everyone at the airport, it's not due to his status on the ship.
  12. I wonder if it is due to the type of vaccine he received. I read this a few days ago "Hopes for a US UK travel corridor are dwindling as concerns are rising that UK citizens with an AstraZeneca vaccine may be barred from traveling to America. "
  13. I had trouble last week, it would dump me out even while I was typing a response, but it has cleared up.
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