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  1. We are just off the Breeze on Saturday. I bought premium wifi a couple of days, mostly to check on Hurricane paths and weather, and needed to communicate with family. I WAS able to use my cable tv app to watch live tv, downloaded something from Netflix as well (just trying to get my money's worth for the wifi). YMMV Our cruise was pretty much an older crowd, and I'm guessing less than usual were using wifi - not sure if that makes a difference.
  2. We just got off the Breeze from Bermuda - it was ROUGH the entire trip. I can understand them not wanting to do that again! Bermuda was battening down for Humberto when we got there, and I imagine with another headed their way they aren't ready for a boatload of passengers.
  3. Thanks for posting that! I don't do social media and hadn't seen anything on the Carnival site (which I figured was good news).
  4. I'm not sure why you would say this. Carnival won't leave if their excursions haven't returned. They've waited for us as well on a late return due to traffic issues.
  5. Helps when you consider swimsuits as rain gear😉
  6. We are on this cruise also. Departure time is 3:30 (always has been). Got out my rain gear and umbrella!
  7. I had wanted to post a reply to this thread but didn't have the right words, and your words are perfect. We've cruised most classes but feel like the Fantasy class gives us more a feeling of being on the ocean and enjoying the full experience, and that is why we cruise. We are not into floating cities or malls, don't want to make a schedule or reservations for something we may not feel like when the time arrives. We've never used a swimming pool on a ship, nor some of the other features available. We do love the comedy club, and we miss the old shows as Playlist Productions isn't very enjoyable. Haven't had a bad cruise ever - no matter the ship, the size, or the amenities.
  8. Hurricane Matthew, 2016. I remember it clearly.
  9. I was in love with some Effy earrings, but just couldn't justify the price on board. Found them at Macy's half the price.
  10. I submitted ours this week via email and it was credited the same day.
  11. I am no longer interested in booking Permiers. Just too crowded and not very fun. Our next cruise is a Premier, but it wasn't one when we booked it. My PVP converted ours when the Premier became available to us to discount our fare further, so we'll see how it goes, but I wouldn't have booked it on purpose. The last couple we went on we found the host to be pretty rude, the casino severely over-crowded and not enjoyable at all. Seems like these days I use the Premier schedule as a guide for cruises to avoid. I appreciate the offers, I really do, but the experience has morphed into something that just isn't enjoyable and actually makes me avoid the casino. Perhaps that isn't a bad thing, LOL.
  12. Best wishes to both of you. We have been in that situation, and as hard as it is to hear - if you haven't reached final payment date yet, your best result is to cancel and rebook later. If you wait too long, you will lose your deposit and any other payments unless you purchased trip insurance through Carnival or a third party. Hope you have an excellent outcome.
  13. Lovely review! Can't wait for the rest. Think I'm going to be sad when it ends.
  14. Aside from the tervis tumbers that we do love - the 6-pack coolers are one of our favorites. We use them all the time as well as taking a small amount of sodas that we can't get on board in them every time we cruise, they've been very handy. We've never used a single backpack type item. We did receive the lanyard last month but we've never worn one and don't see it happening in the future. Always happy to regift!
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