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  1. Well, that stinks that rough seas kept you from fully enjoying JiJi's!
  2. Carnival's insurance is based on cruise fare paid, third party is also based on age. So you may find some differences in price as well as coverage. Another factor is when you paid the deposit - Carnival does not care when you paid the deposit, but third party does. Our upcoming cruise deposit was two years ago (thanks, COVID) and totally priced us out of third party coverage that included cancel for any reason and pre-existing conditions.
  3. Thanks for the heads up! I would not have seen this otherwise as I already booked my specialty restaurants.
  4. Same here. Passport has middle name... my Carnival documents never do.
  5. Greg, can’t thank you enough for sharing your cruise. I’ve really enjoyed seeing MG through your eyes. Sorry to see you return to land but look forward to your next cruise.
  6. Thanks for these! I booked Havana YEARS ago not realizing what a drastic difference it would be from Vista class. Great deal and I will still make use of the area. Definitely have learned there is so much on this ship that cabins aren’t too important.
  7. Yep, that's probably where I will have to go when my cruise gets closer. Nuts!! Don't see it getting any better. I'd be willing to do at the port testing and pay for it as well.
  8. Maybe where you live but not other areas. I live a few minutes from Port Canaveral and it's not that easy. Just recently my SIL needed testing to return to work - couldn't get an appointment. Since that time the County has opened a testing site in Viera, that might help. But I wouldn't encourage folks from out of town to arrive at their port and start looking for testing.
  9. We knew that would happen. However, I appreciate this part: "We realize some of our guests are having a challenge getting a pre-cruise COVID-19 test, especially with the new two-day window established by the CDC that goes into effect on September 13, 2021. We are working to set up mobile testing sites at all our embarkation homeports to conduct a rapid test the day before or day of your departure. We are still working out the details and ask that you check back on this page. Carnival will be subsidizing the infrastructure of the mobile testing sites, but the company providing the testing will charge a per-person fee (to be established). Providers will not accept insurance, but you will be provided a receipt should you wish to submit the cost to your insurance carrier. You should consider this as a back-up alternative should you not be able to make arrangements. The mobile labs will either be in or adjacent to our terminals, or within walking distance. "
  10. Saint Greg has a thread going (Live on Mardis Gras). He had two tests done at two different locations, He got the results of the second test in time for boarding. The first test he took came after the ship had left the port. Both were PCR tests - he made an appointment for rapid antigen and they were unable to do it due to supply issues and did the PCR instead (that was the one that didn't return in time for the cruise at CVS). His PCR from Walmart/Quest came in time.
  11. From John Heald " Well we do actually ask guests to put their items outside of your cabin door as soon as you have finished with them. We have a special team working 24/7 who collect them and return them to room service pantries to be washed and cleaned and then put back into service. What we do ask is for people to place the napkin over the plates if they can. I think most people know to put them outside the cabin door when finished and do just that. This also applies to plates you may have brought from Lido." Again - not by Greg's door
  12. Time and time again multiple Carnival employees have asked you not keep them in your room, but please put them by your door. Just recently this was gone over again by John Heald. Room Stewards are not responsible for dishes. Put them in the hall. But not by Greg's door.
  13. With so few ships sailing right now, maybe they were the best to call back and may eventually move to other ships as they sail?
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