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  1. I find this COVID vaccine situation troubling and feel I may not be able to get vaccinated, even if it means having to give up cruising, for the following reasons: 1. The vaccines are experimental and were rushed into production with limited testing. So essentially the long term trials normally done before a medication is approved are being done now by millions of people worldwide. Note that trials were mainly done on younger healthy people and very few on elderly people who are the ones that supposedly need it the most. 2. The vaccines use a totally new mechanism of messenger
  2. When would be the best time to see the Northern Lights from a cruise? I realize winter is probably better but of course there are no cruises then.
  3. All well and good if you are departing from the US, but what if your point of departure is for example Europe? Next year we are planning to spend a few weeks in Britain then departing on a TA back to Ft. Lauderdale. So we would have to find a location in the London area that does the tests as we will be there more than 5 days. I am hoping that by the time our cruise happens these restrictions will be lifted otherwise this could be a big hassle.
  4. I looked up this topic (use of forward balconies) and it seems that most people did not have any problem using it while under way. Some people did not like the wind others were not bothered by it. There is also the issue of the metal wall on the outside that makes it hard to see out if someone is seated.
  5. If that is true then that would be unacceptable. I may try to change my assignment.
  6. We were originally planning to go on that September 2021 TA cruise from Copenhagen. When it was rescheduled as a British Isles only TA, we lost interest, also not crazy about docking in New York vs. FLL. So we will choose the Western Europe TA from Southampton to FLL leaving Oct. 23. We preferred the port selection and the stop in Bermuda that breaks up the TA part a bit.
  7. For our January cruise on Enchanted we are in M106 which is a mini suite on Marina deck forward, looks like it is over the bridge. Never had a forward cabin before, this will be interesting. Has anyone had experience with this type of cabin?
  8. Not only the buffet but the International Cafe would be affected. It is already crowded due to the small area allocated to it and the proximity to the plaza and the people watching the entertainment put on there. With social distancing I wonder how that will work. When we went we usually ended up taking our food to our room or to an empty lounge area nearby as there was never any seating at the IC itself, except maybe on a port day when no one was on the ship.
  9. We have had some haze here in Eastern Maine from the West Coast wildfires. Amazing to see that. Being Northern New England fall is definitely been here for the last few weeks. Trees starting to change. We are lucky that we have not been hit too badly with the COVID. Most of it is in the Southern part of the state which is more populated. Canadian border still closed which is too bad as one of our favorite restaurants with seating on the ocean was in Canada. We are supposed to be grazed by Tropical Storm Teddy later today (rain, winds up to 40 mph which is p
  10. Glad to hear the ship will be ready by November as we are booked on a Western Caribbean for January 2021. We originally were going to do the TA out of Barcelona in November but that was cancelled so we have put off our TA until 2021 which is scheduled to be on the Regal. Hoping that the virus situation will be resolved by then.
  11. I wonder how you are supposed to get a COVID test if you are boarding in another country. For example you are from the US and board a transatlantic cruise in Venice. So you fly or train into Venice then have to run around and find a place to get tested somewhere there before you can board, in a foreign country where you may not know the language ?
  12. I am interested in this topic too as we are booked on the November 5th transatlantic from Barcelona. So far we haven't paid anything nor have we seen any notifications about a change or cancellation of the cruise. Maybe November is far enough out that thing will be sorted out by then.
  13. We have also used the bidet seats at home for a few years. There are a couple different brands available in the US, Toto makes ones that fit their toilets. We favor the Totos as they are better designed than other brands. In a cold place like Maine it is nice to have a warm seat to sit on in the winter. :)
  14. Ship - Regal Princess Class - Royal Deck - Baja (11) Cabin # - B525 Category - Mini Suite Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern - Starboard midship Connects With Cabin # Accessible Quiet - Yes Balcony Size - Smaller than the minis on Grand class ships. View - view directly below is blocked by the lifeboats along the promenade deck, otherwise unobstructed. Privacy Issues - We liked the fact that the balcony was covered unlike our previous cruises on Grand class ships where we had a mini on the Dolphin deck which was open and viewable from above.
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