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  1. Interesting about them phasing out cruise cards. On our trip in February on the Caribbean Princess it seems every time I bought a drink they would at my card and write down the number to use for charging it. I wonder how that is going to work in the brave new medallion world.
  2. On any Princess cruise, you can bring one normal (750ml) bottle per person with no corkage fee unless you consume it in the dining room then it's a $15 corkage fee. Additional bottles have a corkage fee of $15, which is cheaper than what they charge on the ship to buy a bottle.
  3. For my wife, the Fettucine Alfredo in the MDR. I think she had it every night. I liked just about anything in the MDR so it's hard to pick a favorite. At the International Cafe, the steak and something (mushroom?) pie, Basically a steak and kidney pie without the kidney and being of English extraction, I love those.
  4. True, but I have not had this problem to this extent except the time I used EZ air. Maybe I was just unlucky.
  5. Has anyone had the problem with EZ air where the airline keeps changing your flight time? We booked EZ air on our last cruise, flying Delta Boston to Ft. Lauderdale, and Delta changed our return flight 3 times, the last time would have us getting back home after midnight. I ended up canceling the EZ Air and booking flights on JetBlue out of Worcester MA which had the advantage of free parking (vs. $16 a day at Logan "Economy" parking) and a better return time.
  6. We were on the Emerald in 2015 and the Crown in 2016 and preferred the Emerald. Of course that was a few years ago, things may have changed.
  7. Thanks for the reviews, always interesting to get different points of view and experiences. Concerning the comments on the older population, I suspect most cruise lines are going to see this as time goes on because our population average age is getting older, plus the fact that many younger people don't have the disposable income while many older folks retired from jobs back when there were still good defined benefit pensions, before companies went the 401K DIY pension route. Don't get me started.
  8. Agree with everything here. Buy before the cruise and bring with you. We forgot sunscreen and had to pay $20 for a spray can of some weird stuff that smelled like a popsicle from a store on Princess Cays 😞
  9. Carnival PLC currently trading around $58 a share so $5800 or so is a big chunk of change just to get some OBC. I know you also get whatever dividends and capital gains the stock produces, but still I'm not sure it;s worth it.
  10. With the PBP can you buy bottles of wine, or does it have to be a glass at a time?
  11. Too bad Princess doesn't do what a lot of hotels do now and put outlets on the base of the night stand lamp. When I am traveling I usually use my phone as an alarm clock and can't do on Princess if I am next to the night stand and need to charge the phone.
  12. The F line streetcar with vintage trolley cars runs down Embarcadero and is a fun way to ride to Fisherman's Wharf or other attractions along there. Fare is $2.75
  13. Also true for renting a beach clamshell such as at Roatan or Princess cays. Only one person needs to buy it but it is good for 2.
  14. My impression is that LA/San Pedro is more picky than other ports. My wife carries a small fan and it got through in Houston and Port Everglades but was confiscated in San Pedro. Even though Princess claims small fans are allowed.
  15. We have had the mini suite 3 times and we like having that extra space between the balcony and the bedroom area. We often get lunch at the International Cafe and bring it up to our room (since you often can't find a seat in the IC area) and sit there, especially if it is too cool to sit on the balcony.
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