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  1. We first sailed on the Festivale for our honeymoon in August 1979. If I remember correctly, it was 35k tons...and the largest ship in the Caribbean. We sailed out of Miami to Nassau, Freeport and maybe St Thomas? Give me the larger ships of today.
  2. I did call Sandals. It is a fantastic resort and we have been there once; we have done a couple others also. They have a 10a-6p day pass that is unlimited alcohol and food. It's $125pp. You can book by calling Sandals Montego Bay directly.
  3. Oh my goodness! Not only is PR in terrible condition, but now the family needs to get from Batlitmore back down there. Prayers!
  4. Last time we went here, we booked Sandals Montego Bay through Carnival. No longer an option. Does Sandals still do day passes? Is there an AI in Montego Bay you would recommend? Thanks!
  5. I am looking for a recommendation on which company gives the most time at stingray city. I have done it twice and it is my #1 most fun thing I have done in my life. So I am looking for whoever will give me the longest time there. I have been dreaming of being with "my" stingrays again for years now. I do not remember who we used last time, not through Carnival. It started storming after we went to the stingrays while we were at a beach break...they left, there was 0 visibility, very rough and no navigation on board. They were straining to "see" if we were about to hit something. Fi
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