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  1. Flymeaway, thanks for the feedback. I "THINK" this forum are for those of us that have traveled on this itinerary and those of us that this will be our first time, to share what we know and what we want to know. I appreciate all who can help with questions and suggestions. This will be our first Baltic experience. Still hoping tht this cruise will go, but with all of the virus still circulating.. who knows! Again thanks all for the feedback.. we will just do a 1 day tour and enjoy the view on day 2 from the ship!
  2. Thank you for the info. It is appreciated.
  3. Does it cost money for the every day high teas?? On the Maasdam? Than you. We are a 4 star.,. but have gone to high tea.
  4. KarenPV and all I just booked this with Viator for St. Petersburg. . 2 people all day tour 9 AM start ( flexible .. will wait for us to get off the ship ), lunch, pick up and delivery to and from the ship, all visa stuff, all entrance fees ... $290.00 total for the 2 of us. I have attached the pdf with all the info. the tour # is 21901P4 you can call them toll free and they will book it all, or you can self book online. Karen please drop me from the other tour we were trying to get. Thank you. Hope this helps... max people on tour would be 18. Jo-Anna St. Petersburg Shore Excursion
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