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  1. While a cruise is nicer, I consistently see deals to Iceland from the States. There's no way I would pay exorbitant prices to sail there when I could more easily just fly and stay a few days.
  2. I'm glad you had a good time, but I have to say, my Eclipse cruise last month was my worst on Celebrity thus far. Maybe things were off for my sailing, but I went in with high expectations since Eclipse had always been so highly reviewed in the past; however was quite disappointed.
  3. What I've found with the Big Deal sales is that it usually is a free perk; the lowest available rate and the rate with the one perk are the same.
  4. I would be surprised if they don't put Edge in Alaska. That's one of the few places where the IV could really shine.
  5. Just checked and it says I get 15,000 bonus point for mine.
  6. But there are some restrictions, for example, you can't get the free upgrade from a C2 to a C1.
  7. Yes! In my case they moved the smoking area to mid-ship starboard due to the gangway being on deck 5 mid-ship port. The balcony was unusable during the two days we were docked in port. While they gave a credit for a future cruise since I complained about it, I would have rather been able to use my balcony. I would never book on the port side, and after dealing with the nonsense they pulled on my sailing, I'm going to try and book forward or aft if we're in a port where a high gangway is used.
  8. While I haven't sailed Edge, I do think this is one of the things they got right. Although the menus are relatively the same (minus the individual specialties) at least it's a change of decor and scenery. On all other X ships for complimentary dining you only have the MDR, buffet, or room service. One thing NCL does better is they at least have one or two other complimentary restaurants if you don't want the MDR or buffet.
  9. Never got one here. I wonder if they have my information correct!
  10. But shouldn't their package be superior to other lines if it's an upscale cruise line? I expect nonsense from Carnival or NCL, but Celebrity is supposed to be a notch above.
  11. I just got the e-mail as well. Going the way of NCL leaves a bad taste in my mouth. At the end of the day it will come down to pricing for me. NCL lost bookings from me, and Celebrity may as well. Basic rates are already cheaper on HAL and Princess. I'm departing in 2 weeks and was going to put down a future cruise deposit while on board, but now I'm not so sure.
  12. You're doing consumer math, not corporate math. The "price" of the perks are not significantly unequal now. Celebrity isn't paying retail prices on booze or other drinks for that matter. It's quite cheap for them to pour a drink, no matter the brand. If Celebrity goes NCL style, I'll be very disappointed.
  13. I think it's good that they listen and are responding to feedback. You could have Frank Del Rio who clearly has earplugs in 24/7.
  14. You definitely won't make the show, but I do believe if you go to the MDR on the first day and ask to move to Select with a 5:30 PM reservation, you have a very good chance of getting that. They will probably request that you do show up at that time, though. If you eat at 5:30 you'll easily make the 7 PM show.
  15. I would echo the others to get a passport book. Even with it in writing I would be nervous. What prompted them to tell you about having a book in the first place?
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