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  1. Japanese has such bizarre dress. It’s definitely an eclectic mix where you can pretty much wear anything. In summer I wear exactly what I wear back at home in Australia, dresses, shorts etc. I’ve never worried about what color I’ve worn. I was in Tokyo mid July once and actually needed a cardigan at night which I’d not needed at that time before.
  2. We did the port on our own. I blogged about the port and what we got up too (lots of walking). The blog was 'Look mum no hands'. https://tanyastravelblog.wordpress.com/cruises-2/december-2017/
  3. We did Napier on our own and had an enjoyable day. I blogged about the day with photos. It is the one 'Tour guide Tanya'. https://tanyastravelblog.wordpress.com/cruises-2/december-2017/
  4. I blogged about our port stop to Wellington. We explored on our own. https://tanyastravelblog.wordpress.com/cruises-2/december-2017/
  5. I would probably recommend Bay of Islands and Akaroa from what you have mentioned. I blogged about our cruise around NZ with the visits to each port if you want some ideas. I somehow managed to delete the Bay of Islands blog though. https://tanyastravelblog.wordpress.com/cruises-2/december-2017/
  6. It differs from year to year. We have been in Cairns 20 years and there is no consistency. Up until last week we have had rain pretty much non stop. It is the wet season/cyclone season but that shouldn't stop you coming up for a visit. Today the weather is spectacular! We haven't had a big cyclone come through Cairns for many years (hope I haven't just jinx myself).
  7. We did all NZ ports on our own other than Tauranga where we wanted to go to Hobbiton (we booked ourselves online through Zealandier). Off the top of my head the only shuttle we paid for was Dunedin with Wellington and Napier free. That was on a Princess cruise. I blogged about our cruise if you are interested in what we did at each port. https://tanyastravelblog.wordpress.com/cruises-2/december-2017/
  8. As mentioned above it is an easy walk until you get to the last incline then it is pretty steep. We walked from the tender and it wasn't too difficult. I blogged about our visit with pictures if you are interested. https://tanyastravelblog.wordpress.com/2017/12/14/look-mum-no-hands/
  9. We have done a few cruises through Asia (Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia). I blogged about each trip and the ports if you want some ideas. https://tanyastravelblog.wordpress.com/cruises-2/
  10. Hi Briggy. I travel to Japan several times a year and did our first cruise around Japan to Alaska last year (with Princess). We have just booked another Japan cruise for Xmas this year. We did our own thing in all ports on our Japan cruise and didn't need to book any tours at all. There was only one port that I found disappointing. I blogged about each port so will put the link below. Happy to answer any specific questions you might have. It is a spectacular place. I only discovered it about 9 years ago and have just clocked up my 20th trip with two more trips booked this year! https://tanyastravelblog.wordpress.com/cruises-2/april-2018/
  11. We have cruised out of Yokohama a few times and visit Japan regularly (just had my 20th visit). The Keisei train from Narita to Ueno is direct and takes around 40 minutes. http://www.keisei.co.jp/keisei/tetudou/skyliner/us/index.php Personally, I love staying in Ueno in Tokyo and the train to Yokohama from there is easy. We stay in either of two hotels that cost about AUD$120 a night Tougananeya Hotel which I tend to book direct through them (5-10 min walk from train station). I'm booked there for July and December this year. http://www.tougane-h.com/e/ or APA Hotel Keisei Ueno Ekimae which I tend to book through booking.com (2 minute walk from train station) We stayed in Yokohama once, just beside the baseball stadium, but I prefer Ueno. To get to the cruise terminal from Ueno you have two options depending on how close you want to get to the port. We have used the train to Kannai and walked to the port but going to Nihon-Odori brings you closer. I have put pictures of the maps and train routes. Both require one swap of train but it isn't difficult. I have a hobby of writing a travel blog of our trips. There is some information on what we have done in both places (in cruises and land adventures) if you are interested. https://tanyastravelblog.wordpress.com
  12. Thank you. It a bit of an odd sense of humour but gives people a laugh. I love being able to read back the blogs and remember the fun times we have. The cruise started in Japan on April 27 so it was early May when we got to Alaska. I believe we were the first ship of the season (or perhaps first Princess ship) heading southbound.
  13. Can't exactly answer. your question but we did all Alaskan ports we visited on our own on foot. I blogged about each of the ports if you want any info on what we did and saw. https://tanyastravelblog.wordpress.com/category/cruises/2018-golden-princess-muroran-hakodate-osaka-shimizu-sakaiminato-tokyo-hakone-busan-juneau-ketchikan-skagway-whittier-glacier-bay/
  14. We did Ketchikan on our own and had a full day. I blogged about the day with photos if you are interested. Didn't go to Sitka though sorry. https://tanyastravelblog.wordpress.com/2018/05/18/blue-skies-for-the-red-light-district/
  15. tsutt35


    We did Ketchikan on our own last year. It was really easy to get around and we had a full day seeing things. I blogged about the day with photos if you are interested. https://tanyastravelblog.wordpress.com/2018/05/18/blue-skies-for-the-red-light-district/
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