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  1. Did you do the train on your own? Can you give me a brief rundown of what involved and how long etc.
  2. Thank you for that recommendation. Fingers crossed that we dock there.
  3. I have checked the port website and it appears we will dock at STADSGÅRDEN on 8 June. From what I can find this is reasonably close to the old town and should be able to be walked in 30-40 minutes. Has anyone cruised Princess, docked at this port and done the town on their own? We aren't big on group tours and I am hoping that we can explore on feet. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  4. tsutt35

    Vietnam Visa

    it is great they bring immigration on. However, we were doing back to back cruises and handed visa in on first leg. I hadn’t heard anything re the visas being accepted so had gone and asked again. The following day the officer in charge of the immigration and visa department contacted me and said that she had faxed them through and was waiting on approval. She got in touch a couple of days later advising they’d been accepted. Process isn’t important but people having the option on doing own or paying Princess is.
  5. tsutt35

    Vietnam Visa

    Hi all. We are currently on Diamond and cruised into Chang May a couple of days ago and depart from Phu My today. I did the evisa at home at US$25. I handed it to the service desk when we boarded. They faxed it to port and was all accepted no problems. We weren’t even charged a processing fee. We are Aussies and had no issues at all.
  6. We’ve had varied experiences with immigration and cruising in Japan. Exactly as has been mentioned you do get processed through immigration if the cruise leaves and returns to Japan. Mostly it is well organized and quick. We’ve had one experience that took nearly and hour and half but was due to the ship needing to be cleared and four passengers failing to follow instructions. Needless to say everyone was very unhappy about not being able to board due. Wasn’t the ship’s fault though. I’ve visited Kobe several times on land trips but not cruised there. The earthquake museum is excellent and the sake factories have free tours with taste tests. They’re both super easy to get to by local train. Chinatown is worth a look but we were disappointed with our meal there (so many great meals in Japan). Happy to help you with train instructions if you’re interested. ive not been to the base of Fuji but have been to Hakone multiple times as we take friends there if it’s their first trip to Japan. Seeing Fuji is hit or miss as it is so dependent on the weather. here’s my blog on my last day to Hakone https://tanyastravelblog.wordpress.com/2018/04/26/planes-not-really-trains-and-automobiles/ Here’s my blog on our last trip to Kobe. We stopped on our way from a Tokyo so there’s a great photo of Fuji from the bullet train https://tanyastravelblog.wordpress.com/2016/04/06/thats-not-what-i-ordered/ i was in Tokyo last fortnight and stumbled across a day trip to Mt Takao. It was so beautiful and such a easy trip from Tokyo. https://tanyastravelblog.wordpress.com/2019/07/01/mount-takao-nailed-everest-not-a-chance/
  7. That’s strange. I did a major overhaul of my blog site last month. Maybe I stuffed something up! Try this one. https://tanyastravelblog.wordpress.com/2018/05/08/perhaps-a-little-underwhelmed/
  8. Thank you. It’s a labour of love that brings me joy and pleasure sharing 😜
  9. Osaka is my home away from home and I have just clocked up my 20th trip from Australia. The one day pass will be for the Osaka subway and not include the train to Kyoto. The difference in prices is for the difference in trains eg. bullet train (Shinkansen), local train, express train. I have to say you might be cutting it short if your ship docks at 7am and you have to meet at 9am at Kyoto station. I only say this as Kyoto station is quite big (make sure you have clear instructions where to meet) and you want to hope that the disembarkation is on time and quick. It is about a 10 minute walk from where the ship docks to where the subway station is. It is easy to find, especially if you have a look on google maps first. The quickest route would be taking the Shinkansen but will also need changes of several trains as mentioned above. This is also the most expensive means to get there. You will also need to factor in the purchasing of the tickets for time. If you want a cheaper way, using the JR rapid service will take a similar amount of time. Using the trains is quite easy and ticket counters/machines are all in English as well. I would be tempted to take the cheaper option if I was you. Will cut down on how many changes. As I said, make sure you are clear where you need to meet in Kyoto station. I don't use a Suica card, I just buy the tickets from the machines as I need them. Hope that helps 🙂 Enjoy Japan, it is amazing!
  10. Thanks FraserK. Sometimes my sense of humour is a little warped but I aim to add a little laughter to the love of traveling. Enjoy NZ it’s a beautiful country.
  11. Japanese has such bizarre dress. It’s definitely an eclectic mix where you can pretty much wear anything. In summer I wear exactly what I wear back at home in Australia, dresses, shorts etc. I’ve never worried about what color I’ve worn. I was in Tokyo mid July once and actually needed a cardigan at night which I’d not needed at that time before.
  12. We did the port on our own. I blogged about the port and what we got up too (lots of walking). The blog was 'Look mum no hands'. https://tanyastravelblog.wordpress.com/cruises-2/december-2017/
  13. We did Napier on our own and had an enjoyable day. I blogged about the day with photos. It is the one 'Tour guide Tanya'. https://tanyastravelblog.wordpress.com/cruises-2/december-2017/
  14. I blogged about our port stop to Wellington. We explored on our own. https://tanyastravelblog.wordpress.com/cruises-2/december-2017/
  15. I would probably recommend Bay of Islands and Akaroa from what you have mentioned. I blogged about our cruise around NZ with the visits to each port if you want some ideas. I somehow managed to delete the Bay of Islands blog though. https://tanyastravelblog.wordpress.com/cruises-2/december-2017/
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