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  1. check in at the desk and they seat you at :rolleyes:a table.
  2. sneaking or smuggling. It's there if they choose to look for it and it's never hidden in plastic bags and is in sight on the desk in our cabin. We always have a substantial bar bill as we limit using our liquor to our cabin and balcony. We also bring wine on board and pay the corkage as well as buying some wine from the ship. I'm not complaining about bar prices for drinks, just like my brands and the convenience of having it in our cabin. If the selections were available and the bottle prices were more reasonable we would but from the ship. We have in the past.
  3. and it was fine. Also had dim sum lunch every day in different places and all were very good. The best was the Intercontinental Hotel and it was quite reasonable with a great view of the harbour.
  4. If you like coffee, don't sail Princess.
  5. and when we boarded there was an invitation to a lunch in Tamarind for those who were taking a Collectors Cruise and it wasn't even offered for those 14 days. We had different cabins and different key cards but only 1 bill.
  6. could not exist without the cooks and kitchen help from Central America. Olive Garden is not my idea of good Italian food. Carrabas is the best chain for that. And Tony Chang is fake Chinese cooked by Latinos. I'll take the local ethnic place any time. Most Chinese today are carry outs run by Viet Namese. And the HAL kitchen is run by Indonesians but the rarely offer Riistaffle.
  7. but we do enjoy the beach, just not the way the food is served but we like BBQ. Never saw Lobster Newberg at lunch on the ship. And we don't eat the Baked Alaska even on the ship. The burgers served on the ship are just too well done for us.
  8. around the ship or my Planned Parenthood one and if people agree with me they say their approval and if they don't they walk away. At dinnerwe eat by ourselves so we can talk about whatever we want or not talk at all, which is usually the case since we eat together every night.
  9. don't forget the 18 rolls of TP, a case of napkins and 12 rolls of paper towels. You can buy wine at the pier for about the same price and no cab.
  10. on board as well as on HMC since the food is mostly prepared on the ship? We don't enjoy the lines on the island and the flys. We head back after about 1-2 hours.
  11. and know that any cruise going back to Ft. Lauderdale is a combination of 2 cruises. There was no con there unless you didn't read the web site or brochure before booking. If you booked the same cruise starting with the second leg first you would have had a different group each leg as well.
  12. the more enjoyable the cruise will be for the rest of us.:eek:
  13. in their bars I will stop bringing mine. Pa. prices are about 2X Florida or DC prices.
  14. the cabin and ding room staff are much more pleasant on HAL especially the dining room supervisors. The balcony cabins are larger on HAL unless you book a mini suite. The ships are smaller but offer better bathrooms with tub/showers. The food is better. We look at their itineraries but don't find mush difference from HAL>
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