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  1. I just called Royal and was told that was all that was being offered now and I couldn't book the beverage package by itself. I told the representative that if I drank $73 plus 18 % gratuities ($86) I would end up in a hospital.. I'll keep checking
  2. I've been checking and hoping for a good Black Friday discount.. and this is what showed up!!! Deluxe Beverage Package And VOOM One Device $ 73 per night. The drink package has been going up and down..staying in the $ 65 ish range...I'm on a 3 night on January 10.. This is totally NOT what I was hoping for ...I'm travelling in a large group and I won't be needing the internet.. and if I do, I will just use my ATT day pass in Nassau and that's it...I was hoping for a $ 60 ish price...Maybe it will change... I got the package for somewhere in the low 50's last year on Black Friday
  3. Has anyone ever done a tour with Ebike St Kitts? I found them on Tripadvisor. There aren't many reviews..but what I have found is really good. I am interested in booking for February 10. I am sailing on the Celebrity Summit and I will be in port all day from 8 am to 5 pm... Hoping for opinions and feedback
  4. I'm on the Navigator in January on a 3 night..It hasn't dropped below $ 65..I'm hoping for something over Black Friday...I did $ 57 on the Independence year..but this is just crazy...I'll probably just bite the bullet and do it...but I am holding out some hope for a sale
  5. I don't expect everyone to agree, but I have almost twenty years experience working with private clients and teaching classes...This is just my opinion...I am sorry if you are offended by it..and I wish the cruises had better more motivated instructors who didn't try and sell products, but in my many cruises, that hasn't been the way it was. If they did, I would be the FIRST in the gym on embarkation day signing up for classes!
  6. I am a personal trainer and a fitness instructor and I never take the free or pay classes on board because the instructors are usually so unqualified and do such a poor job at teaching classes. I did pay for a Flywheel class on the Allure for the novelty of it..and I couldn't hear the instructor and my bike didn't work posting to the leaderboard..for $ 30...I just run or do my own thing and unfortunately unless the cruise lines hire qualified trainers and instructors, the main purpose of the trainers and the fitness instructors in the cruise ship gyms is to sell you stuff...Body composition analysis..personal training...other stuff that you would be so much better off buying at home in a qualified gym. In the past, I have worked with a company that works as a booking agent for resorts. .The are a talent/ hiring agency that provides guest instructors to different all inclusives... The instructor pays the booking agent, and then works for a week in exchange for their accommodations... I have done it at many high end resorts in Jamaica and Mexico.. The real Up Side is the resorts get instructors that have actual real world experience and since they are all one week shots.. the instructors are pretty excited to be there.. I really wish the cruise lines would do something like that. Years ago, I took an excellent Mat Pilates class on NCL..but it was about twenty years ago and I am sure there is an upcharge to in now..and a gratuity...I did get tipped when I was teaching at Jewel Runaway Bay in Jamaica..by the way!!
  7. My Navigator 3 nighter in January is also $ 69...I usually take the beverage package but its getting ridiculous
  8. Thank you so much for posting back..I was actually concerned with booking the Costco Shore Excursions group ziplining after reading posts about the port being cancelled...I cancelled that excursion since the information about the length of the tour and drive and pickup time kept changing..Didn't sound so good after all. Now I don't have to worry about it. I'm hoping to end up Ziplining. I tried emailing Scape Park but never got a response so I am just going to see what happens..( I am totally a planner so I hate just going with the flow). I'm so glad it all worked out great for you and again..thanks so much for following up!
  9. What is the reason you would transfer the booking over to a Travel Agent? Does the cost or promotions you get with the cruise change? I am also considering the Summit for December 29,2019. The online TA that I usually use includes more perks than booking straight with Celebrity.....I'm not understanding if you would get these perks when you transfer something that you already booked.
  10. I am sailing on the Equinox on Feb 2..next weekend...woo hoo! I am planning on booking Royal Caribbean Allure or Freedom next year for New Years. Every time I check prices on board a cruise, they are always higher that what I can find online? What is the advantage of booking it if the price is higher? Also, can you book Royal on Celebrity???
  11. Following up...I got an email from Kathy at Horseplay Punta Cana. She has is being picked up at 8:30 even though my E Ticket from Costco says 10:00 am. She also has the tour dropping us back at the ship at 3:30 pm. I am waiting for the Costco rep to get back to me. The tour description states the total time as 4 hours. I'm looking for other ideas for Punta Cana now.. not feeling too good about this excursion
  12. I just looked at Shore Excursions description again and it said the total time of the excursion was only 4 hours...
  13. I was told that the company is Horseplay Punta Cana. I just emailed them with that question. I agree about the drive. I would much rather do something closer...
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