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  1. I did this cruise twice (2012 and 2013). Not really impressed. Firework views were blah and the cruise is over priced for the amount of days and Firework display. Will not do it again.
  2. I could be wrong but from my memory when Carnival sued Rolls Royce for the issues with QM2 Azipods they stated she required frequent dry docking for review and repairs of the pods compared to typical dry-docking schedule. I realize Stephen Payne states that QM2 was maxed out from the beginning; however a ship can’t stay in class or remain modern/up-to-date attracting cliental without being refreshed and renovated.
  3. I was on QM2 a few months ago and based on a conversation with a senior officer who I am friends with for many years this is what I know. The reason for no dry docking in 2014 is a complete overhaul proposed for 2015. At the moment discussions and plans include: - Ending Todd English contract and placing a specialty dining such as a Veranda Grill - Redoing the entire Kings Court for better flow - Removing the Winter Garden - Removing the basketballs courts and lookout on Deck 13 for more luxury cabins - Revamping the Britannia Club dining experience - Refreshing the Britannia Restaurant There was no mention of the Grills going and as far as I am aware they are profitable as David Dingle outlines in this interview: http://www.travelagentcentral.com/cruises/iconic-outlook-one-one-david-dingle-ceo-cunard-line-44314 Keep in mind the above are planning stages. As we know with Cunard things can quickly change or remain the same.
  4. We were also on this voyage and fully agree five days is not enough. I would like to see an added day which could be either at sea or port (e.g. Martha’s vineyard, Bar Harbor or Newport). In addition, for the fares charged I think some of the Cunard standards should have applied (e.g. Capitan’s party). I was told the voyage is too short for any of those offerings, just ridiculous. Glad to see the daily Catholic mass is back. Overall, the voyage was good just too short!!
  5. I just came back from QM2’s July 1st cruise. Prior to this sailing I inquired several times with shore side regarding the 2013/14 Cunard Yearbook (this is complimentary to Diamond members). The latest information I was provided is that I would receive my copy during onboard during my next voyage. Purser's office didn't know what I was talking about. Once again the disconnect between shore side and onboard is so evident. Did anyone receive this onboard? Last year I received the 2011/2012 via post. I guess I will be waiting for it like the new QM2 stateroom sofas that were promised by Shanks two years ago.
  6. An interesting article regarding a cruising trend among the US “affluent” population. Could this be a reason for the “watering down” of the dress code? Also are more changes to come to attract a new Cunard demographic? http://www.seatrade-insider.com/news/news-headlines/study-finds-affluent-less-likely-to-cruise-during-next-12-months.html
  7. At least for US cruises there are no World Club parties. Can't remember is there was a general Capitan’s Party, but I don't think there was.
  8. What will be next? Freestyle dining or tee shirt and shorts in the dining rooms. If I wanted a casual holiday with no tradition or glamour I would book on Princess or Carnival. Just when I think they are done with stripping away the Cunard tradition they find something else to water down. I cruise a few times a year with Cunard; however thinking it is not worth spending my money anymore since we are almost at the level of Carnival (nickel and dime, water down traditions, etc).
  9. Yes sorry I did me disturbing news. Speller didn’t catch and neither did my tried eyes.
  10. Rob Lightbody posted a very distributing news alert on the QE2 story website regarding the current condition of QE2 and what this could mean for her future. I truly believe the London plan is the only safe guarantee and from my understanding this is still possible. If you are a QE2 aficionado please help get the story out there: http://www.theqe2story.com/forum/index.php?topic=5181.new#new
  11. My question is why was the tug so close? Was she assisting QE in docking? Just for security reasons alone the tug was too close for comfort.
  12. Thank you. After reading additional online articles/videos she will be escorted out of China with the Chinese Navy, escorted into England with the English Navy and then into NY with the US Navy. Why all the escorts- fear it might sink? After the maiden voyage I assume she will be doing a regular crossing schedule. I wonder what Cunard is thinking in terms of competition?
  13. A new review, 56 pages, about Queen Elizabeth: [http://www.usatoday.com/story/cruiselog/2013/01/28/cunard-queen-elizabeth-cruise-review/1868859/ What I am not surprised about is the mixture of the comments. They felt it was oversold, particularly when it came to service, which was "sometimes clunky or nonexistent." The reviewer notes meals were inconsistent, with the main Britannia Restaurant offering "spotty service and middling food" while the ships' upscale Verandah venue was "one of the best specialty restaurants at sea, well worth the surcharge." Not surprised at the comments. I think many frequent passengers on Cunard, including me, feel the same. Overpriced and in return too many cutbacks such as food and the more pronounced nickel and dime at every opportunity
  14. [FONT=Arial]Doesn’t surprise me about the direction a more casual dress code, anything for revenue. If people complain about the ships being too formal then they should be sailing Carnival or Norwegian, not Cunard. Also, there is always a lot of grapevine gossip on the ships, so for now take this news with a grain of salt.[/FONT]
  15. Being both a diamond member and a stock holder, yes I do have lot to complain about. Have you ever sailed QE2 or Cunard before it became a brand? Even Peter Shanks refers to Cunard as a brand and not a company - it that his faux pas? I think the word "brand" in this interview was mentioned three to four times in the first minute.
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