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  1. Oh great! Thank you, I didn't realize that 🙂
  2. Thank you everyone for your great input and suggestions! We watched a bunch of room tour videos and decided to go ahead and give the balcony a try. We ended up choosing deck 7 (thank you for the idea about being sandwiched between other room only areas of the ship!) and decided on a room a couple down from the very back of the ship. Even if we feel more movement, we love the look of the views from back there and there is not much directly above or below. Plus we will be very near camp ocean. We are hoping our next cruise to try a cove balcony. I will miss the spa area though! I bought a
  3. Hi All! My family and I are booked for a 6 day cruise on the Breeze in April 2021. This will be my 4th cruise (2nd on Carnvial), my husband's 2nd, and my daughters' (who will be 7 and 11) 1st. We are super excited! We originally booked an interior spa cabin as we liked the location and additional amenities with $50 OBC. However, now we are thinking maybe we should have gone with a balcony. I do really like the idea of the window and having our own spot to sit outside and watch the water. We have only ever done regular interior rooms, so either way will be an upgrade and new experience.
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