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  1. Thank you for the replies. Are these restaurants in walking distance? When I looked at the google sight, it looks like it would be quite a hike into town. Are there cabs? Or some type of safe transportation we could take? TIA
  2. No, I didn't transfer it. I book directly with Holland. There are rooms available when I look in all categories. thank you for getting back to me. Maybe I should call and ask?
  3. I have never been offered an up sale. I wonder why. I usually book a balcony. Very rare have I booked just a window. I book with Holland when on board could that have something to do with it? I am 4 days away from a 3 star. I will be doing a 17 day in October. Thank you in advance.
  4. Are you not in port long enough that you can claim it from customs and then ship it home? I really do not know how that works as I have never done that. So, it would be interesting to find out how you do this. Loved all the pictures and following you on your trip. I myself have never done that. Loved the read. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Hello Scottca075, Yes, about the hours. We thought the same thing. I am from Georgia. Because it is a Hawaiian cruise I think they throw that port in so they stay legal of going out of the United States. We love Mexican food. I was looking on trip advisor and a gentleman was raving about a Mexican street truck. I also saw someone else was talking about it on another thread. I just wasn't sure how far it was to walk there or what was around the port area. Or if it was even worth getting off the ship. I wish we were there for the day. But, were not. Thanks for answering back.
  6. We did the fountain soda card on the Koningdam. It was great. It was not flat. We are doing in again on the Oosterdam for our next cruise. It worked out perfect for us. We like Soda with dinner. And the cost works out better then by the can. Hope this helps. Enjoy your cruise.
  7. We arrive in Ensenada at 6:00 PM and depart at 11:00 PM. Others that have arrived at that time. What did you do? We do not drink so a wine tour would be out. I just want something fun to do with my daughter. Our ship doesn't really offer much. I guess because we our in port so late and not for long. Thank you in advance. I appreciate any and all information you can share. L
  8. Yikes!!!!! Not sure if I want to risk it. I would probably only want to get a magnet and shot glass as I collect those. Maybe a shirt for my daughter. And then head on back to the ship. I think I will check the ships excursions again. We are not drinkers so, doing a wine food tasting wouldn't work for us. Thanks for the information. I appreciate it.
  9. We will be there from 6 PM until 11 PM...is there much to do within walking distance of the port? And is it safe as I will have my daughter with me. Thank you in advance.
  10. Question...Do the Menu's stay the same or do they change depending on what region they are sailing from. Example... We will be sailing to the Hawaiian Islands. Thank you in advance.
  11. #Catlover54 If you order room service say, Just coffee. It will come on a tray. Keep the tray and they will remove the coffee cups and carafe that they bring it in. It makes it a lot easier to carry the food back. Nobody ever said a word to us.
  12. I found this when searching to find out what was around pier 11. Hope this helps others.
  13. I have seen post on here where people have adjusted their tip. I myself have never done it. I know that it goes to all and not just that one person who might have not treated me as expected. Maybe they were having a bad day. Or a bad week. Perhaps they are missing home, their child, who knows. So I will not penalize others because of one bad apple. Just my opinion.
  14. Ann, Yes, I am on the Roll Call. I looked at Mary Lou's tour, but with her husband passing and them canceling tours I didn't want to stress about it and just went ahead and book something else. We had looked at the Sea Horse farm but I ended up with another tour instead. We have done ziplining but now it would not be recommended. Plus with my daughter not a good ideal. I am afraid it would scare her. Honolulu: Polynesian Cultural Center: Booked on my own) Honolulu: Call to Duty: Pearl Harbor Museums & Memorials Lahaina: The Hana Highway & Helicopter Flightseeing Kona: Kohala, Kings & Cowboys Hilo: Big Island Grand Fire & Falls by Helicopter Ensenada, Mexico: We are hoping there our places to walk and see. Nothing planned.
  15. Hello Ann, We are excited about having the opportunity to be able to take this cruise finally. I would love to share anything that I know. I have to be honest though. I chose to do Holland shore excursions in all ports but the first day in Honolulu. We are doing the Polynesian Cultural Center on our own as I want to do the Super Ambassador Luau Package. Our pick up time is 9:45 at the Pier. I have a handicapped daughter with Down Syndrome and that is one thing that would be the best for her. I know it will be exciting for her at the same time. To see the dancers, the show, the villages, canoe ride, etc. With the Super Ambassador Package you get, Island Villages An immersive cultural experience in 6 island villages Personal tour guide Kukui nut lei greeting Front row seats at all village presentations Go Native activities Reserved Canoe Ride Reserved seating at the Pageant of the Long Canoes Hawaiian Journey movie experience Souvenir gift Laie & Temple Visitors Center Tour FREE 3-DAY PASS to our island villages ( of course this will not help us but, it comes with it). Dining Ali'i Luau dinner buffet & show (6:00 pm - seating 5:30 pm) Flower lei greeting at the luau Evening Show Front two rows for "Ha: Breath of Life" show Private "behind the scenes" backstage tour I chose to do this on the first day because we are in port overnight. So we don't have to worry about getting back late. Plus of what it offered. You are more than welcome to join us as is anyone that is sailing with us. They will send a private van to pick us up and you will also have your own guide. They are college students. I know this is not for everyone but, this works for my family. We are doing two helicopter rides as I know she will enjoy both. Because of health issues in the past we are trying to do everything that we would want to do incase we can never return. Back note: We were taken off a ship because of the friend who travels with us had a heart attack. We were stuck in Columbia South America. It was the most stressful thing for me to have to endure with my daughter. We were there for 6 days, the 7th day we got to fly back to the states with a On Call Nurse that was sent to stabelize him enough to fly back. He was in ICU for 5 of those 6 days. It was a scary time. Before this all took place, I had a brain tumor removed, Knee replacement, and other health issues. As well as him. So, with that said, That is why I chose to go simple and only plan one thing that I would have control over. We also chose the Call of duty tour which will be a small group off of Holland. I want my child and myself as well to enjoy this trip to the fullest and I think we will. I look forward to cruising with you. 6 months to go......
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