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  1. sleeples23

    Giovanni's on Rhapsody of the Seas

    Thank you! I guess we will have to do the Park Café.
  2. Does anyone know if Giovanni's is open for lunch on embarkation day on Rhapsody of the Seas? I love going to Giovanni's with a reservation and avoiding the buffet, and even the Park Café, during embarkation madness. Everyone has carry-ons and the waiting for the cabins is much more pleasant with a reservation seated in a nice little restaurant. However, my pre cruise planner does not offer the lunch option on embarkation day. I have done this on the Allure and the Oasis, but no one seems to know if the Rhapsody serves lunch on day one, and if so, reservations do not seem to be available. Thanks in advance!
  3. Just wondering if they have those wine dispenser machines that are getting so popular where you can buy a taste, a half glass or a full glass of varying wines? If so, do you know if you have to purchase a certain amount of dollar value on a separate wine card or if your seapass card works directly with the machine. Thanks in advance!
  4. I believe the new menus are up and running as I saw a post that included pictures of the new menu items.
  5. sleeples23

    Allure of the Seas balcony rooms

    I have stayed in both and they each have their advantages. You are stating that your choice is a standard oceanview balcony, versus a central park "view" or boardwalk "view" room, which is very different from a central park or boardwalk balcony. I have stayed in the "view" rooms and loved them and I have enjoyed oceanview balconies as well. I see this is your first cruise, so I guess it depends on whether you are likely to spend time on that balcony. You have chosen a ship that has A LOT of things to do, which for me, doesn't leave a lot of time to spend in the room, let alone on the balcony. If you are the active type that plans to take advantage of all six shows, spending times in clubs, the casino, the pool areas, not to mention the zip line, rock wall, ice skating and flow riders, then I would say to choose either of the "view" rooms, according to your preference. It will be nice to have the extra 600 bucks to spend on the cruise. Either way, enjoy!!!
  6. sleeples23

    Best beach area in Labadee?

    [quote name='Charles4515']They will take you from the ship gangway exit to the tram stop by beach wheelchair. And the reverse too. One of our group a few weeks ago utilized that service. They also have the beach wheelchairs in the other areas.[/quote] thank you so much!
  7. sleeples23

    Best beach area in Labadee?

    Quick question for anyone who may be able to offer insight. I have been to Labadee several times and am returning next week during a cruise on the Explorer of the Seas. We are traveling with a group of 14, two of whom are recovering from knee and foot surgery. (Gotta love those sports injuries). My 18 year old son will be on a crutches, but I do have access to a scooter, which we will be bringing on the cruise. I don't recall any assistance being readily available for that long walk down the pier, so I thought of perhaps bringing the scooter off the ship. I am not sure how far the walkway goes once we hit the beach area. We plan on going to Columbus Cove, which is way too far to do on crutches. My mom has utilized the beach wheelchair in the past, but that was prior to the new pier being installed, so the beach wheelchair did get her to the tender point. I don't recall seeing disabled guests taken from the ship to the pier and I don't want to find ourselves stuck upon disembarking the ship. I do feel crutches are a serious waste on the beach. In a nutshell, is there a way to count on the beach wheelchair? Is the scooter feasible at all, even if only to connect him to the tram? Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks so much!
  8. sleeples23

    Cup Cake Decorating class

    My daughter and her boyfriend did it and they are 21 and 22 and they both loved it. The one they did was actually turning a cupcake into a cheeseburger and fries. It looked so much like a cheeseburger and fries, it was kind of odd watching them eat it and feeling like it was actually a cupcake. All of the cupcakes in the cupboard, including the one they decorated, were amazing! They were featured on our Cruise in Review video in the class too... so that was a nice keepsake.
  9. sleeples23

    Different feeling from other ships

    [quote name='BrianAlt']Is it possible that the concert attracted a different crowd on this particular cruise?[/quote] Brian, We had booked the cruise prior to learning that Taylor Swift was going to be onboard.. that was just the icing on top for my daughter and a few of the teens in our group. That being said, there were a few people we met while doing the activities for the Taylor Swift tickets, that had booked specifically to see her. However, with 6,000 people on board, I have to say that the number that I think booked for TS was neglible. I will add, however, that the concert did change the feel of the ship that week. There was such a huge focus on TS that for the sea days, much of the activities were aimed at winning the tickets. Some of these activities were trivia, name that tune, bingo, karaoke, a lip sync contest, the amazing race and there was even an auction with the proceeds going to the Make a Wish foundation. For those competing, there was near hysteria when they thought they might have won and then total disappointment when they found out they lost. I have NEVER seen so many heartbroken kids (ages 4 - 25) in my life. I have no complaints about the ship or RCCL, but I must say this could have been handled better.
  10. sleeples23

    Different feeling from other ships

    I was on the same cruise as you and I would have to agree with what you posted. However, I must say that this "different" type of sailing really worked for me. It did feel more like a land vacation, with a lot of options as to how to spend your vacation time. I am an organizer at heart, so I simply chose what I wanted to do most and made sure I got what was most important to me in during the cruise. I didn't feel cheated in any way whatsoever. Because I traveled with a group of 15 and a few of those were 20 year old girls determined to win Taylor Swift tickets, we definitely got the community spirit and got to know many fellow passengers when competing for the tickets. All in all, I can honestly say our rather eclectic group of 15 people ages 17 - 78 all LOVED this ship and had a great time. Each and every one of us shared the sentiment that we would definitely sail on the Allure again!
  11. sleeples23

    Allure Review - 1/2/11-1/9/11 Western

    Thanks Shilly Shally.. that would explain it! I was also wondering if there was a sing along type pub on board, where the whole audience chimes in? Of course, that type of entertainment fully depends on how talented and interactive the person playing the music is.
  12. [quote name='LLindaC']Awww...man Spring Valley...oh well, looks like no piano bar on this trip! I know a lot of people like his schtick, but I prefer an entertainer who is more versatile and a better musician. I've heard some great ones on RCCL. Matt Yee reminds me of thos "dueling piano" types who rely on props and antics. I can handle that late at night, but good piano bar players should be able to cover great music, good vocals (guests) and be able to do a range of songs. He is just not that.[/quote] Linda, Which bar is it on the ship where they get the whole crowd to sing along? Would that be the Schooner, typically? I really can't stand when you are at a "sing along" type venue, but the entertainer changes it up so much that the whole sing along thing is impossible. That's where I've witnessed some huge, misplaced ego's. Thanks, Donna
  13. sleeples23

    Allure Review - 1/2/11-1/9/11 Western

    Thanks for the great review. I'm a little confused about the Ice Show. Is the show Ice Games different from the How to Train your Dragon show, which I thought was also an ice show?
  14. Linda, Thanks for posting the lunch menu for Giovanni's. I have heard so much about the filet on here, that I wanted to see if it was available for lunch as well as dinner. It looks like they serve a strip steak for lunch and a filet mignon for dinner. Thanks again!
  15. Suzanne, How did the dect phones work? Were they able to call each other or only staterooms and public venues? From what I've been reading on Cruise Critic, there are so few of them that they are seemingly not available. They are apparently used for Kids Club needs first. Thanks, Donna