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  1. Love Cruis'n

    Quebec city transport options

    Our cruise will end in Quebec City following an overnight stay there. We are looking for a quality/affordable private transfer to our Montreal hotel. Any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks, Terry
  2. Love Cruis'n

    Booking Excursions

    We debak in less than 30 days. Still waitlisted, and even out TA could not find out how far down the list we are. We do have an alternative booked, and I think this will be one of those things - well if this is the worst thing that happens to us, we're doing just fine. Thanks everyone for all of your input. Wishing you all smooth seas :).
  3. Love Cruis'n

    General Dining question

    Thanks for the great info. :)
  4. Love Cruis'n

    Premium restaurant question

    Re; Breakfast - All I want is coffee and juice and trust there is no problem handing the breakfast delivery person a few dollars/euros (tip). Our first time on RSS and just want to make certain I don't upset any carts.
  5. Love Cruis'n

    Booking Excursions

    Well, it tough being patient. I'd rather be excited. Have called twice - never got a real answer re: how far down the wait list are we? and now I'm starting to think that we are "out of luck". Do these things open up again once on board? Thanks, Terry
  6. Love Cruis'n

    Booking Excursions

    Thanks, Travelcat2. We cruise 9/27. When does the 'penalty phase' start? Thanks again, Terry
  7. Love Cruis'n

    Booking Excursions

    We are (and have been) waitlisted for one particular excursion since the day after they first opened up to those without anything but the most basic status. Does their system really work well, or should I be calling regularly? Thanks,
  8. Love Cruis'n

    Booking Excursions

    What is the best method of determining when (time of day) the various excursions start? Thanks so much. Terry
  9. Love Cruis'n

    Booking Excursions

    Very helpful advice. Thank you both very much.
  10. Love Cruis'n

    Booking Excursions

    As I’m about to be a first time Regent (Explorer) customer(in September), this thread is wonderful. Thanks to all of you. My question: Is there any way to determine the cost of the (notincluded) excursions – well in advance? Thanks again, Terry
  11. Love Cruis'n

    Civitavecchia to Milan :-)}

    We’ve looked at trains and planes, and now want to consider an automobile. Can anyone recommend a private driver to get us from Civitavecchiato to Milan, post cruise in Oct 2018? Thanks, Terry
  12. Love Cruis'n

    FCO to Rapallo / Milan

    Our 10-day cruise ends at Civitavecchia and we can easily acquire transfers to FCO. From either one of those locations we want to end up inMilan, but we are debating: flying or renting a car and driving (with an an overnight in Rapallo) or taking a train. A bit concerned about luggage transfer with the train (as wewill have much luggage and are now ‘senior citizens’). Alternately concerned about mountainousdriving (especially if we hit a rainy day). This will be early Oct next year. We been driven around the Amalfi area, how much of the FCO – Rapallotrip would be like that? Any thoughts and suggestions are welcomed. :)
  13. Love Cruis'n

    POA/Hawaii review - 12/24/16

    POA has 2 main dining rooms - Skyline & Liberty. Are the menus identical? Men's shorts are allowed in Skyline, but not Liberty - is the food the same? Thanks, Terry
  14. Love Cruis'n

    Pride of America Feb 2017

    POA has 2 main dining rooms - Skyline & Liberty. Are the menus identical? Men's shorts are allowed in Skyline, but not Liberty - is the food the same? Thanks, Terry
  15. Love Cruis'n

    Hanauma Bay ADA Compliant?

    Is Hanauma Bay ADA Compliant? We (3 couples) would like to visit but one in our party requires a walker. I only remember from my visit over 10 years ago that it was a fairly substantial walk on stairs or a steep ramp (and my memory isn't perfect! Can anyone provide some insight? We thought we'd rent a 6 passenger van either pre or post cruise, drive around the island, and it would be a great place visit, but only if all of us could enjoy it. Thanks, Terry