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  1. we were able to change the cruise when a better sale came up, no problem. or you can cancel, and your FCD was on record to use another time.
  2. We ALWAYS bought FCD because it was a good deal, and made SURE to book on board!! this certainly will cut down on our business, and give us time to check out other lines and options. bummer. One of the perks that kept us coming back to HAL every year!!
  3. I also miss the libraries, (the book they have now are all "coffee table books") and the crow's nest.
  4. We were on the Oosterdam twice this year: a 2 week Caribbean with my elderly mom, and then my husband and I for a 14 day European cruise. We were happy both times. Love the layout of the ship and that it has an intimate well laid out feel to it, food was good especially in the Canaletto. Service was excellent both times, especially the bar staff. The only thing I was disappointed in was the dual piano players, HAL seems to consistently find people who can't sing. And it could be such a fun venue. many cabins and ship areas have been redone. I agree, some things have changed on HAL, and I miss the bigger library, would like band before dinner in the Ocean Bar, but over all still like the wonderful service and small ship feel of the HAL ships and the oosterdam is well laid out. We had a verandah room both times and loved it, loved the spa too!
  5. We rented a clamshell in March one year... while it did provide some shade, it was HOT and hard to let any breeze in. It is a heavy material and holds the heat. We ended up just sitting out on some chairs with a bit of shade.
  6. We had explore 4 with the SBP a few cruises ago: for the price of the explore 4, we had large coffees from the Explorers café every am, water we bought at a bar to take off the ship, and to drink around the ship, often an afternoon "Sunshine lemonade" that my mom loved, 2 before dinner drinks, specialty coffee with dinner and afterdinner cordials and sometimes a drink at bingo or at the show. for us, it was worth it, but we did not buy the package itself, part of Explore 4. I also enjoyed trying different drinks, that I normally would not spend $8 on to try. Found some new favorites (Lemon Drop martini. Yum!) what is a wang wang????
  7. I think it was shorter than 30 days. I couldn't believe we lost in in 5 minutes! oh well, its a busy med cruise we are on, so we would not have spent much time in the room, but easy come, easy go! I'm hoping for an offer for our next cruise with my 91 year old mom. She would love it!!!
  8. so close, and yet so far. Got a phone call last week (woke me from a nap!) with an offer to upsell to Neptune suite for approx. $900 pp for 12 day med cruise. I said yes (after a brief hesitation,) as we have never been able to afford a Neptune and the look awesomely wonderful! In the time it took for the agent to put me on hold to get a room assigned, she came back and they were sold out!! Bummer to raise my hopes and then disappoint me!! could not have been 5 minutes!!! Question, would I have lost our $175pp OBC? Our explore 4 we purchased??? just wondering. hopefully we will get this offer when my 91 year old mom and I are cruising the Caribbean! She would love it! I am a 4 star and this is the very first time I even had the chance!
  9. I just was a $ star on our last cruise, it was wonderful. Kazu, used your suggestions on specifying "cold water, low heat dry" and taking a photo of all clothes sent to laundry (I once paid to have a lovely favorite pair of kahkis sent to laundry and they came back too short) and all went well. It was delightful to find a that little wicker basket with carefully folded tissue paper and the gold HAL seal, to open it and find my little white cotton underware, all folded and clean!!! We loved it. they even ironed my mom's seersucker pj's, all clean and ironed. I loved the wine tasting, we had a great winemaster (forget the title, sorry!) who was informative and fun, and I found a wonderful wine I loved. plus fun to meet people and compare wines and cheeses, etc. Mom and I decided we liked the discounted lunch in the Pinnacle Grill, wonderful quiet lunch for $5 each !! much better than the busy Lido for us. Mom is 90 and it is hard to help her get lunch in the Pinnacle and then get mine, she is done by the time I sit down. So the PG is a nice luxury.
  10. It also depends on the instructor. One cruise, the instructor was wonderful on answering questions from both savy and moderate and beginner students and I learned SO MUCH!! however, her handouts were not so good, and I forgot things as I didn't take notes/ thinking it would be in the handout. I attended every class I could! the next cruise, I was so excited to attend the class, and the instructor was awful. went on and on about the benefits of certain programs, but whipped thru how to access them, or get them and when I asked a question gave such a fast and detailed answer I totally didn't understand. I only attended one more class on a 16 day cruise and it was a waste of my time.
  11. We would love to sail in and out of Tampa, would allow us to drive to port, but didn't want to do the Rotterdam as they didn't have regular Verandah rooms, just Verandah "suites" that they charged more for. Would LOVE to see a nice 14 day itinerary out of Tampa on the Oosterdam dam, or any other HAL ship!!!
  12. We simply tape a bow to our door so it is easy to see which hall it is down. We DO see door decorations many times on HAL, as long as it doesn't damage the door, who cares?
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