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  1. I have found this post very helpful for timelines of refunds. I wanted to update on our refund. Cruise was scheduled to depart on 6/5/20. Royal cancelled on 3/24/20. I applied for a refund the same day. It took 67 days to receive a full refund. The other party traveling with us has not yet received a refund and was told it will be at least another week or so.
  2. It looks like my letter has different timelines. I am glad to see they didn't send out same email to everyone on the list awaiting a refund. I requested refund on 4/24/20 for Alaska cruise in June which Royal had cancelled.
  3. I am in a similar situation. Booked Alaska cruise for June that was cancelled by Royal Caribbean. Booked airfare separately through American. Requested refund for cruise. I was able to cancel hotels and excursions booked on my own without penalty. American Airlines COVID special cancellation policy is currently running through the end of May. I had purchased Nationwide Cruise insurance to cover the entire trip through insuremytrip. I called Nationwide travel insurance today regarding my airfare options. . They said no coverage for COVID, unless I am specifically ordered to quarantine by my doctor. Shelter in place, pandemic, cancelled cruise, etc. are not covered. No recourse, unless I have a medical reason to cancel. I inquired about a claim for itinerary change, which has to occur before the cruise according to the policy. No coverage for this either, as the cruise has to take place in order to make a claim. Asked about refunding for the cost of the insurance policy. They are not offering refunds, but recommended I contact insuremytrip. Insuremytrip lists on their website policies are non-refundable after the initial review period. My only recourse will be through the airlines. They have to have at least a 61 minute change or a cancelled flight, in order to get a refund. I guess I'll wait and see and request a change voucher closer to time of the trip. Granted, I've usually just purchased the cruise insurance in case of cancellation for medical or medical evacuation in a foreign country, but cruise insurance has been a disappointment in this case!
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