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  1. Thanks, makes me feel better. I did the helmet dive/walk there on my baby steps to scuba and I remember walking and holding onto the railing and being pushed around a little. I'll probably stick to the plan and just be proactive and ask them that day about the current and if they think I will be ok that day.. Thanks again!
  2. You had mentioned how your husband had struggled there. I'm 62 and out of shape but have enjoyed my discover scuba but not looking for anything that present a real challenge or is dangerous if you know what I mean.
  3. Are you going to be trying Coki again? I sound like you, will do a discover scuba, have no interest in getting certified, am content with a DS on a cruise at one port and was thinking i was going to do DS at Coki since my wife could sit on the beach while i was in the water. Going to have to re-think this now 😞
  4. I'm thinking of Calabaza in Barbados that wants you to use certain sunscreen to protect the turtles and they do not allow you to wear flippers while in the water around the turtles. Glad to see it wasn't just me!
  5. Wow! And the company that provided the snorkeling allowed this? I'm both saddened and amazed anyone would do that.
  6. I've been on Serenade a few times but not since last April and at that time they did not.
  7. Are you using a travel agent? I've had this situation a number of times and just let my travel agent handle it and it's always worked out for the early seating.
  8. Hello, we did the tour with Stan of JNJ tours back in 2016. He was waiting for us with his sign at the port so no worries finding him. We actually had a group of 11 of us from our roll call on Cruise Critic. I guess we were a good group as none of us were kept waiting at any of the stops. Stan was a great host and after our tour he dropped half of us off at a beach for a bit while he dropped the others back at the ship and then returned to pick us up. I was the one who arranged our tour with Stan and everything went very smooth. I must say that our group on the roll call was the best I've
  9. We had a similar situation of Princess a few years ago, carpet was absolutely soaked when my wife woke up to go to the bathroom. We lost the use of the cabin for the day. Fortunately we had an early excursion that day and cabin was ready when we returned. They offered us a bottle of wine for the inconvenience (neither of us drink). Coincidentally I contracted Norovirus a couple of days later. Had a number of issues that cruise but the that was the last straw, never went on another Princess cruise.
  10. Regarding Woodwind, all you have to do is look at them on Trip Advisor, one 5 star rating after another. The boat described above was their older boat. They have had a newer cat for close to a year now. Dee is the reason my wife now snorkels. After a few unsuccessful attempts at snorkeling we went on Woodwind in 2016 and Dee made sure my wife was comfortable and that she had a good time. My wife now has her own snorkeling gear (mask and fins) and can snorkel with the best of them. Btw my wife is 72. We were just with Woodwind this past April and Dee must have remembered us from 3 years
  11. Following this also as we're taking our grandkids and hoping to snorkel in Aruba. I can concur the current at the Antilla wreck is strong. We did it a couple months ago but my wife stayed on the boat and I'm glad she did. We're taking them snorkeling in Bonaire on this cruise with Woodwind and that was a no brainer but wanted to add a snorkel stop in Aruba and not sure who to use.
  12. For snorkeling with turtles i would go with Calabaza on Barbados. They are a first class operation. Have been with them a couple of times and booked with them again next year. Last year as soon as I jumped in the water a large turtle was with our guide. They are very protective of the turtles. Check them out on Trip Advisor or go to the Barbados section on Cruise Critic. Good luck and have fun!
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