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  1. Hi, Anyone recently on the Zuiderdam? Do they still have happy hour?
  2. Hello. I'm on the Summit next week and was wondering if they have spin bike classes. Thanks
  3. Anyone on the Veendam recently? I'm sailing next Wednesday. Was there a band/music? If so, how late did they play? I ask because I'm in a stateroom above the bar. I went again my better judgement and booked the room last minute and now I'm a wreck thinking I'm going to be kept awake late into the night for 7 nights. Thanks
  4. Oh no. I sail next Wednesday and the Vista Suite category is sold out according to their website so it looks like I'm stuck in the that room. When I board I'll see if there is another room available.
  5. Thank you. I do see spin bikes in one of the photos.
  6. When I was on the Koningsdam a few months ago they had spin classes and the bikes had clip on pedals. Does anyone know if they have spin on veendam and if they do, are the pedals clip on? Thanks
  7. Thanks for your reply. 137 is above the Ocean Bar, wondering if that will be an issue with noise.
  8. Hi, I'm in cabin A137 on the Veendam. It looks like I'm over the Ocean Bar. I was wondering if anyone knows what the noise level will be. My other room option was A132. Not sure if I should switch from 137 to 132 Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  9. Sorry for the delay in responding. Chose to not connect to the internet all week. Unfortunately seas were very very rough every single day. I've cruised many times and have never experienced a week like that. As noted above, we missed several ports and no signature event - nada, nothing. Thank goodness we had sunny weather. Those of us that didn't get sea sick were able to sit out on the deck (very windy though). We did get to spend half day in Bequia and the plan was to stay there all day Thursday too but seas were too rough and we headed back early. Staff were terrific.
  10. Yikes, I'm sailing on the Saturday. Hope all is ok
  11. Hi, I'm traveling on the Breeze and wondering if I need to bring a converter and adapter for my electronics (camera, toothbrush, kindle). Thanks
  12. We are on the Breeze out of Aruba next month. Are taxis readily available at the airport? How far is the airport from the pier and what would the cost of a taxis to the yacht? Also is there a wine store near the pier or on the way? Thanks
  13. Great, thank you. I have to go to work in Manhattan the day we disembark. I'm hoping to get into the City by 9am or shortly thereafter.
  14. New to Royal Caribbean - Does Anthem have expedited disembarkation from Bayonne [carry your own bags off as soon as possible]. The ship gets in at 7am and was wondering the earliest time we can get off the ship. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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