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  1. Hi, Thanks for the info. I"m at a lose as to where to begin looking for independent tours for our upcoming panama canal cruise with Windstar. Any guidance as to where I should look? Thanks
  2. Thanks for your feedback. We booked the transfer with Windstar from Bristol Hotel.
  3. Good morning, We've been offered an upgrade from ocean view to balcony for $200 each on Pride. Trying to decide two things 1) is it worth it and 2) room selection (BS1) The following rooms are available (313, 314, 306 & 307). Room 314 looks like it under the beauty salon or fitness center; 313 under the windspa, 306 & 307 look like they are under bridge. I'm concerned about noise. Any one stay in any of these rooms? Any issues with noise? Thanks
  4. Hi, We are on the Pride for 10 day Panama Canal/Costa Rica - we are flying in the night before and was wondering if its better to get a taxi the next morning to take us to the ship in Colon or take a taxi to the Bristol Hotel (Windstar hotel) and use the Windstar transfer for $75pp. Has anyone taken taxi from airport area hotel to the ship ? If so, what was the cost and how long did it take? Thank you
  5. Hi, We are on the 10-day panama canal/costa rica cruise in November. Will we get the option to reserve candles for one or two nights? Thanks
  6. Thank you for the review. I'll be on the ship 12 days! Can't wait.
  7. Hi, we were all set to book this cruise until we found out two days in Balboa. I'll need to look at excursions before I make my decision, but I really have not interest two days in Balboa. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do for these two days?
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