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  1. We were on the Pearl 28/7 sailing, in my opinion it is a great ship despite the age. it was recently refurbished and we felt the rooms were nicer and fresher than the epic. The photos online appeared quite bright and loudly patterned for some areas of the ship, however onboard they were toned down quite a bit, I think someone went a bit crazy when photoshopping the photos
  2. Thanks for your help, I didn’t claim it was special. We have however used used it for a number of years and know well how it works
  3. Just a little clarification we treasured the whites alone at home, the tinge of yellow has became huge spots of yellow when washed. as stated originally, we use a specific brand of suncream to avoid yellowing of clothes, a lesson learned the hard way before with 2 young kids. i am not expecting anything from NCL but wondered if it is good to let them know of issues experienced
  4. Hi we are just off the Pearl, we had some clothes washed, when they were returned a lot of the whites were slightly yellow. We deliberately use a special sun cream to avoid this so know it was not from our clothes. After coming home and washing the items again the yellow has spread and has ruined hundreds of pounds of clothes. is there anything we can do? Worth raising the issue with NCL?
  5. We are currently in Rome boarding the Pearl today, British airways managed to loose our buggy between aircraft door and arrival in Rome. Help! no baby shops appear open before our transfer to ship. Is there any change the ship will hand old strollers? Is it likely concierge can assist?
  6. Can anyone advise the cost per photo? I’m considering a 10 photo package and trying to work out how much it saves. also can you purchase the package onboard or only beforehand?
  7. Hi all, thinking about this bike tour in Kotor, anyone have any experience of it? Is it done at a fast pace? My normal cycling pace is 15-16mph. I can’t get a measure of distances on tour, does anyone know? description is Meeting location in front of the old town of Kotor. 45min - bike ride from Kotor to Trojica, a vertical climb of 310meters 20min - downhill bike ride from Trojica to Tivat 30min - short break in Tivat 1.5hr - bike ride from Tivat to Kotor via coastal road
  8. Does anyone know which site they use to book, if I book onboard? wondering if I book whilst onboard the Pearl next week, could a UK resident get the 20% off offer this way?
  9. I don’t even get this I click on latitudes rewards and it takes me to the booking page, no mention of 20% anywhere
  10. So what’s the benefit of haven certs, my research shows they offer less OBC?
  11. I cannot see the offer, is it US only?
  12. If i’m In a room with a child, do we both pay the $30 per day increase, or adults only?
  13. Can I buy haven carts if not in haven? i hope I can buy lowest category haven and a higher room level, however I won’t hold my breath
  14. Hi planning on booking our next cruise whilst onboard the Pearl at the end of the month. i want to do it onboard to get advantage of the cruise next certificates, I am looking at a 7 day med cruise on the epic late October. the haven 2 bedroom suite is circa £4200, is my math is correct i’ll Be able to apply 2 cruise next certs to the account meaning around £4000 for the week. Is this correct or can I apply 4? I believe you can book the category below and receive an upgrade when booked onboard, however category below is more expensive, what happens here? the 2 bedroom suite is for 2 adults and 2 kids age 18 months and 4 years. Any advice on the room? Never been in suite/haven before so don’t know what to expect of the 2 bed suite. am I missing anything I should be considering thanks in advance
  15. Anyone else experiencing login issues? I can’t get into my account, also can’t reset password?!? i am on the phone to check, but not getting any answer
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