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  1. I think we shall continue to see month-by-month cancellations by SS and the other cruise lines and that mid-2021 is the absolute earliest that cruising might re-commence. Rather a lot hangs on the spread of Covid-19 in the Northern Hemisphere winter, and how long the cruise lines can survive financially. And, of course, whether a vaccine comes on-stream.
  2. It looks like the Red Sea charter cruises may be underway again. Silver Spirit left King Abdullah Port at 19.27 on 17 September since when she has been to somewhere up the coast called Ar Rayis. The ship is now southbound again and due back at King Abdullah at 06.00 Sunday (source: Marine Traffic). It is stinking hot in the Red Sea at this time of year with temperatures relentlessly in the high 30s. I feel so sorry for the poor crew. It must be ghastly.
  3. It's simply to preserve cash for as long as possible, before having to make refunds. No other reason.
  4. The prospect of the three major cruise companies surviving is looking increasingly remote. Their balance sheets are under considerable strain.
  5. I feel so sorry for the poor crew. Are they confined to the ship? I cannot imagine that shore leave will be possible for them. Or am I wrong?
  6. Not a good start. I hope the passengers on these cruises treat the crew with the civility they are used to from Westerners.
  7. Sorry Terry, my ham-fisted typing (and poor eyesight - currently awaiting eye surgery to replace lens in my left eye, next month!)
  8. Sorry mis-typed date which should read 2021 not 2022
  9. Cunard suspends all sailing plans before March 2022: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-53904221 I expect other major cruise lines to follow suit.
  10. The UK National Debt stands at £1.8 trillion. The market cap. of Apple is $2.15 trillion (equals £1.64 trillion). So if the UK government owned Apple it could pay off our National Debt. In full. How extraordinary is this?
  11. If you give at least 120 days notice you get a full refund minus £130 (in the UK) administration charge.
  12. Yes, we booked way back in 2019 when money lent to Silversea seemed as good as money in the Bank. How times change!
  13. We had prepaid in full and there were rather a lot of £££ riding on this. That was another factor which caused us to cancel.
  14. With a heavy heart last week we cancelled our flights to OZ scheduled for January 2021 and also the Silver Explorer cruise from Melbourne to Darwin in February 2021 which we had prepaid in full (rather a lot of £££). I think Australia will be 'closed' until at least mid-2021 (and the Northern Territory possibly longer) so the cruising season in Australia and New Zealand in Q1 and Q2 of 2021 can now, sadly, be forgotten. FYI our last full-fare cancellation took 44 days to process from notification to refund (by Silversea in London).
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