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  1. Hi I can do it for you! im in the uk deborahosborne684@gmail.com just pop me a quick email! Xx
  2. I keep on having waves of I’m going and I'm Not going! I'm more worried about getting home if something happens! looks like Arabia and Israel are going to have a big problem! my heart wants to go but my head is saying you fool!
  3. Is there anyone on here still going on the 14th March Ovation from Sri Lanka? We are still going and was wondering what Pre cruise hotel if any people have booked? Obviously not paying in advance again!!!
  4. Yes you definitely can. If you want me to do One for you let me know. Warrens.wcs@gmail.com
  5. Yes you definitely can. If you want me to do One for you let me know. Warrens.wcs@gmail.com
  6. If you email me your email address I will do it for you! warrens.wcs@gmail.com
  7. Hi im from the uk it’s best if you find someone from the county you reside and they have to communicate between countries to apply the referral. if you would like me to refer you my email is warrens.wcs@gmail.com I can do it instantly! thanks mulberry
  8. Hi if you drop me an email I can do it online for you! Straight away Warrens.wcs@gmail.com
  9. Your allowed $250 per person and 2 vouchers per suite on the new system! or old system 1 voucher of $400 per suite!
  10. If you send me an email I can do the referral online! you are better getting 2 x $250 (1 per person) rather than 1 x $400 per suite! its a really simple process! Warrens.wcs@gmail.com
  11. I can do a referral coupon. i think the system has changed now instead on one coupon of $400 per suite I think you get one each of $250. if you want to send me your email address I can do the referral online for you!!
  12. There has been lots of itinerary changes on Ovation. Mainly because of the Changes coming up from Arabia in March/April its very unusual we have only ever seen it once or twice. P&O have last night cancelled all the Dubai Cruises. Its all a bit up in the air! we have been to portovenere and it’s beautiful!
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