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  1. What date was the Epic supposed to do its Transatlantic to Europe ?
  2. Hello Are the small individual boxes of cereals available in the buffet at breakfast. My kids like to snack in these during the day, so thought it might be handy to grab a couple each morning before going ashore Thanks
  3. Looks like you had a great cruise. Did you do your own thing in each port. How crazy was the beach in grand turk?
  4. I will be takingy my first carnival cruise on the breeze in a couple of months time. Can someone advise on how else, along with alcholic drinks to best utilise the drinks package Can I get bottles of water / vitamin water to take back to my room and ashore with me and can these be picked up from any bar? Where can you get shakes on the Breeze? I enjoy cappuccino and lattes, are these available and What about premium juices? Hoping someone has a list of how to max out with out going all alcohol Thanks
  5. Wow, How sad it is to see that someone can be so judgmental of others and especially those that they do not know. I should not have to justify myself to others, but for the record and the sake of clarity, I will be the one one with the lowest drinks package, the premium non alcohol. So whilst I am sitting there drinking "extraordinary amount of water" which is due to medial reasons, my wife will be enjoying her wine. I can only hope that I don't have the pleasure of meeting with such miserable individuals as yourself on our up and coming cruise. As they say in my neck of the woods, don't be a bell end all of your life
  6. Thanks everyone I just don't like having to hassle an already busy waiter every time I want some extra water, but I guess its a nickel and dime decision that is made at corporate level. Heaven forbid if someone at the table drank some water that they are not supposed to. Thanks again
  7. Hey everyone This may seem like a silly question, but what happens at dinner when someone at your table orders what is classed as a premium bottled of water. Do they leave the bottle on the table or do they only pour it for those that have it covered on their drinks package before removing the bottle. My wife and I have different drinks packaged and I don't want to have to ask for glass to be refilled every tine I want some more Evian or San Pellengrino poured Thanks
  8. I think you may be mixing your cities and countries up, I am pretty certain that the Royal Yacht, Waverly Bridge and central station are all in Edinburgh, Scotland and not Dublin, Ireland
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