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  1. This sheds alot of light on the events that led to him going over the rail.. certainly. The BSO would not be making this statement unless there is audio/video proof. I had a gut feeling that Mr. Elbaz (Eric) was not physically present when his husband left the balcony. I gather he was seperated from Bernardo, which is consistent with the statement made by RCI that the guests were interviewed seperately. It was also reported their cell phones were taken by RCI staff and he had no access to his phone until today after rerieving them from the BSO. This would also be consistent with this new statement by authorities. It's still loss of life and unfortunately related to one of our beloved pass times, cruising. Although I am personally glad to know staff was not involved physically in Mr. Elbaz's death, I would still be interested in what initiated the events of the night that led up to his state of mind. A simple "who cares" doesn't satisfy me .. again, personally.
  2. This morning the attorney made this statement: "I'm hoping that sheds further light on what actually occurred in that stateroom," Winkleman said. "After Bernardo had fallen into the water, they basically tackled (Bernardo's husband) Eric and ripped his phone from him, basically stealing his phone." Winkleman said the victim and his husband were both recording video on their cell phones prior to the incident, and it may be key to showing what lead up to the fall. He added that the Broward Sheriff's Office later returned the couple's phones when the ship arrived at Port Everglades on Saturday. The Broward Sheriff's Office is investigating the situation, and has so far not issued any blame.
  3. I agree with this.. There is more to the story. Physically falling over the railing from a standing position on that balcony is nearly impossible. There was another interesting tidbit. One passenger stated he saw the aftermath and there was a presence of blood visible on the lifeboat. In the video, when the ships lights are more evident.. there is something that appears to be a blood smear (to me) on the lifeboat bracket to the left of him. If this is true, he may have been injured from the impact and added to the struggle of holding on. Or, added to the difficulty of the crew member trying to hold onto him.
  4. People who have experience harassment or discrimination normally don't have witnesses. That's why it often must be proven. People who discriminate or harrass often do so in a manner that is not seen by those for whom it is not intended. It's just the nature of the act.
  5. Some of the best life experiences I've had were on both cruiselines. And... all of the best vacations I've had were on cruise ships. There are many things that comprise of which cruiseline is better for a particular cruiser but to place rank of one over another for all cruisers is not a fair judgement. Walmart.. as an adjective?
  6. There is a second and third video already out there.. You're right. I wonder how many more there are. The other one I've seen is shorter in duration and is filmed forward of the lifeboat. You can see his feet dangling and not much to hold on to. You can also see just how far away his reach is from the crew member holding onto his left hand.
  7. True, but we see this more often now in the news. People involved in the actual event being filmed or doing the filming without an expectation of have truly tragic outcomes. People often film situations they deem dangerous as a deterrent to their perceived threat. We have the video of the person above filming someone's fall to their death when the outcome wasn't determined yet. She grabbed her cell phone... she probably thought she would be filming a rescue, not a fall.
  8. Possibly.. Or it could have been a counter to the media that was reporting it was suicide based on the only statements that were public up to that point.
  9. Is this the same lawfirm/lawyer that is representing the El Faro families?
  10. Okay.. So to take this back on topic. The Lawyer.. The Attorney said in a statement that both men had cell phone video of their own. He also said the phones were taken by staff and not returned to Mr. Elbaz (or Albaz.. has anyone figured out the correct spelling yet?) and that he was retrieving them directly from the authorities (BSO?). Keeping an open mind... I wonder if the alleged additional cell phone videos could provide details supporting both the claims of Mr. Elbaz and Royal Caribbean?
  11. Is it possible we could have just one thread on this topic stay civil with actual information? I look to forums like this one to make informative intelligent decisons. I am booked on a RCCL cruise. I am a gay man. I am sailing with my husband. I am sailing on his birthday. I have a balcony booked. I have cruised numerous times with Royal. But.. most importantly.. I have an open mind. You won't find any one place that is more a melting pot of cultures, languages and possible misunderstandings of things said or intent than the confined space of a cruise ship. It's unique in this way. The same may be said of Internet message forums. At lease here, we have the oppourtinity and obligation to preview our intent before we post.
  12. Awesome.. I have my 3rd cruise on Adventure booked for 9/03. Back to Aruba for me and hubby (his first time there). My first cruise on her was in january 2002 (booked a couple weeks after 9/11 out of spite) so I missed the maiden voyage by two months. Sailed her again in 2005 and did the opposite itenerary. How is the ship overall? And new additions? Restaurants etc..?
  13. I believe you need to have a Royal Caribbean login now. The website changed a month or so ago. I had to call in from all the glitches. An expert on the new website will chime in any second. Good luck! :)
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