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  1. I lyke eat. heh heh heh.
  2. Now, you can start collecting the medallions in a glass cased container.
  3. Just returned from a Baltic/St Petersburg Regal Princess cruise Aug 21/28. One of our port was Wurnemunde. Had an independent tour with friendsofdavetour.com. Christian was our tour guide. You'd enjoy the tour!
  4. We just got back from the Baltic/St Petersburg Regal Princess cruise last Aug 21-28. We had the early walk off at 0620 for an 0950 flight at Copenhagen with connection at Heathrow at 1350. Took the taxi and got at the airport at 0715 with lots of time to spare. Via Air Norwegian all the way to LAX.
  5. We (family of 4) just had an excellent Baltic/St Petersburg cruise last month! Anyway, originally we planned on taking the Princess R/T transfer from Copenhagen airport to the terminal and back. That was $39pp one way ($160.00 total). Since we had 3 hours to spare before boarding time, we grudgingly took a Merc Benz taxi (they all are). I mean, you're in a foreign country and expects things to go wrong. After 38 min, we were dropped off at the terminal (Converted to US$85, credit card payment). A Dane lady was waiting, stapled our luggage boarding tags to our bags and put them on the conveyor. Awesome experience. My expectations proved otherwise.
  6. Check it out. Have a savings of $82.00/pp for my Aug 2019 in addition to complimentary dining, military credit and OBC. Thanks Princess!
  7. I took advantage of my regal princess cruise, 17 Aug - 28 Aug 2019 out of Copenhagen and I saved a bunch, to include the onboard credit, prepaid gratuity and the restaurant compliment. Tomorrow is the last day.
  8. Wow! Such an overwhelming, enjoyable task. As for group communications, has anyone suggested to use the Princess Patter? The Patter announces the next day's happenings and the colorful flyers will be in the staterooms the night before.
  9. Why the attitude? But I still love you. Have a nice day. Pass it on.
  10. Have they stopped providing the Welcome Back blue card with the commemorative stamp? I just noticed during our last two cruises, we didn't get them.
  11. A friend asked me if a Princess Elite can be an Elite in a Carnival Line since they belong to the Carnival Fleet? I don't know that's why I brought this up.
  12. Getting off today from a week mexican Riviera on the star. International cafe awaits you! Have a great cruise!
  13. Ok. Let's do the math. 1200 miles divided by an average speed of 70 MPH equals 17.14 hours of driving time. Brushing aside "Murphy's Law" and no "what if's", if you leave at 8PM the night before, you'd reach your destination at estimated 1:30PM the following day, plus or minus one hour (pit stop, etc.) Whew - cutting it too close for the "what ifs".
  14. 22 days til Star Princess to the Mexican Riviera. Grab bag is ready!
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