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  1. Enjoying your review..Keep it Coming! Congrats on your Pregnancy!!!!
  2. Very Creative.I Love it!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. Nice Review!! Short and Sweet....You have a beautiful family! Best of Luck to Mark in his future endeavors! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Following along, about 8 of my family members will be joining you and I’m still hating that I couldn’t join them.. I have my senior graduation to attend. I am sure you will have a Great time on The Vista!!!! (BTW did you say Solo???) You’re braver than I am[emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Enjoying your review!! You have a lovely family! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Following along!! I was curious to see how the paradise look. Was supposed to sail her a couple years ago but missed it[emoji57]. Loving your pictures and review so far. Thanks for sharing! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. SATURDAY 02/24 DISEMBARK-DAY I forgot to mention on the last sea night when we got back to our cabin My DH case of White Hennessy was delivered that he brought during a sale on the 1st night/embarkation. I did think it was strange that I didn’t receive my rum that I brought while in Jamaica, but I waited thinking maybe they’ll bring it later but it never came. So that meant this morning I had to go and stand in the dreaded Guest Services line. On prior cruises our "zone" luggage tags for Disembarkation were left the night before on our bed. I was surprised that one of our friends had gotten some tags for us on our last sea day and we were Zone 17. We normally self assist and take our luggage our selves. But we just went with the flow this time since we were all riding together and it didn't make a difference if we had gotten off before them or not. DH and I got up about 8am and started gathering the rest of our things showered and headed to the Lido deck for breakfast. DH ate at the buffet and I tried a breakfast burrito at Blue Cantina which was pretty good. I wish I had discover it earlier on during our cruise. Our friends had breakfast in the main dining room and then headed back to their rooms to get their things together. DH and I then headed to guest services to straighten out our SS card and check on my Rum ( I can’t go home without my Jamaican Rum) DH had won or broke even at the casino and decided to cash out everything except the balance on our S&S card. But we had no idea that the casino card and S&S card was 2 totally different accounts which is strange because you can charge to the S&S card but money/winnings left in your card can’t be used to payoff you S&S account. We were told we would have to email them and request our monies be mailed.. (yes ours [emoji12]) Thanks to the honest person I got my liquor Apparently they had the cabin number and Folio number mixed up [emoji849] We relaxed on the Lido until our zone was called. Disembarkation was as painless as Embarkation (OK I'm lying it was painful we had to vacate). We showed our passports and didn’t have to fill out any custom forms and just like that we were off in less than 10 minutes...Our vacation has come to an end. [emoji24][emoji24] FINAL THOUGHTS [emoji1474] Embarkation/Disembarkation was super fast and probably the smoothest on Any of the ships I've been on. [emoji1475]The line for Skyline was always long or closed. [emoji1474]The MDR was always no wait, love the service and the servers and food was good. [emoji1474]Room Steward Made was great. He always greeted us with a smile and kept us stocked with ice after only asking 1 time. [emoji1474]I have only been on carnival cruises so I dont really have any other lines to compare to, but Carnival never disappoint. There is activities for all ages and the prices are affordable. I never feel crowded on any of the ships I've been on and will continue to cruise with Carnival. There is always So much to do and so little time to do it. Hopefully I can book Horizon in the near future. I wanted to go to the Imax theater but never got around to it, because the times interfered with my dinner time..etc. Boat was rather rocky. So the saying is true It's not the size of the boat that matters, it's the motion of the ocean. I did not try the 4D thrill theatre because I'm not really good with quick motions and Jerking, so I didn't take any chances. My DH and I (more so the DH) would rather watch a comedy show over any singing and dancing shows. So we enjoyed a couple of the comedians. [emoji1474] No more printed pictures. all are now digital boards on the wall that you touch to view your pics also can view and order on carnival hub app [emoji1474] I loved the Carnival Hub as you can text/chat with family and friends that are on the cruise and have paid for chat which is $5, I also love that you can view the MDR menu, view pictures and manage your sail and sign account, view and save activities you're interested in and you'll get a little reminder when it's about to start. The Casino seemed smaller than the casino on other ships IMO, they are smoky but so is the Casino at home. Ohhhh How I wish we can go back to Embarkation Day!!! BYE, I SAID BYE (in my Matt Mitcham voice) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. After dinner we headed to catch the last of the Lip Sync Battle. If you remember before on the 1st sea day there was a tryout on the lido deck and the older couple won and had to compete against each other tonight. We missed their performance, but the husband won. Matt actually rubbed the guys stomach and said it was a dinkydo.. and said it’s when your stomach stick out more than your dinky do [emoji44] We spent some time at the night club and stayed up till after midnight for the "Free cruise" drawing at the casino. You earn 1 entry for every 100 points and from the looks of it there were a lot of players there that had reached the minimum amount of points for drinks to be on Carnival so I'm pretty sure that equals a lot of entries in the drawing (Carnival player's club will give you a card that says "drinks on us" and most players attach it to their lanyard with their S&S Card) Unfortunately neither me nor my DH won. I kinda figured we didn't stand a chance, But I guess I thought of it as lotto, All it takes is one entry. Ok it was time to take it in (for me At least). I’ve given all that I’m willing to give to Carnival Casino. FUN TIMES Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Art at the table was nice [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. We ate Guy’s pig and anchor for lunch and had dinner reservations at the steak house @ 6:15 to celebrate our anniversary. I had read reviews and suggestions that it was a “must do” so I tried it. I had pictured it being lightly dimmed, romantic kind of feel. The tables were a bit close to each other. There was no table cloth but the table top was a little fancy. There was a family seated next to us with a couple of small children that cried and whined for the better 1st half of our dinner, So that kinda put a damper on the mood. The service was fast, the servers were great and I think the presentation was great, but IMO the food was no more flavorful then the food in the main dining room. My steak in the SeaDay brunch earlier that day was probably more tender and tastier. We could have saved the money and played a few hands of black Jack. I don’t believe I'll be doing any Steak House restaurants on my future cruises. Im not saying I won’t try the other specialty restaurants, but just not the steak house. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. FRIDAY 02/23 LAST SEA DAY We slept in late and went to sea day brunch in the Horizons Dining room. The service was quick and food was tasty. We spent most of the day relaxing, sipping and playing at the casino. There wasn't any activities we were interested in. Back at the cabin this was waiting on us At some point during our cruise we received a gift certificate for the spa for $50 for our anniversary, I did go to the spa for a menu and planned to post pictures of their prices but I must've thrown it away, it was pricey of course. The only thing that we could have used the gift card for without coming out of the pocket with money Was a manicure or pedicure And of course us gals always have a mani or pedi before vacationing [emoji12]. I tried to get DH to get a pedicure but he declined. It did expire so I can't save it for next year[emoji849]. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. We headed to the cabin to shower and look what was waiting for us a towel animal. [emoji847] We meet with some of our friends on Lido and decided to skip the MDR and had the buffet. We sat around and played cards for awhile and the DH and I saw the dive in movie “Wonder” I grabbed some popcorn [emoji897] and 2 chairs while the hubby stood in line to get 2 blankets. You can borrow blankets on Lido but you have to show your sail and sign card and then you have to wait in another long line to return them(there should be a better system). We both enjoyed the movie and then headed back to the buffet. OK that was enough entertainment for one day it was time to take it in. I went back to the cabin and of course DH had to try his luck at the casino. FUN TIMES Up next Last Sea day [emoji24] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. PORT DAY COZUMEL We stopped for a couple Photo OPs and then headed back onto the ship.
  14. Tequila Tasting time. I’m not really a tequila fan, but some of them were really tasty. Some from our group brought a few bottles. Now it was time to head back. I really enjoyed the ATV ride and will do it again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. PORT DAY [emoji1166] MEXICO) She told us about the process of tequila making, which is a very long process for the good stuff. He was here for the tequila too [emoji854] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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