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    Not sure if this is still the case but the Polynesian Cultural Center used to do bus pickups in Waikiki with their own bus.
  2. Hali'imalie General Store is about a 15 minute drive from the cruise ship dock in Kihei, highly recommended. You can book them via Open Table.
  3. I just canceled a Bermuda cruise: partly because of covid, but only partly. I think cases and variants will ebb and flow. I recently traveled internationally for the first time since 2019 and didn't find the entrance testing for my destination or for returning to the US onerous, once I understood the requirements and figured out when and where to obtain the correct tests.
  4. I have just returned from French Polynesia and let me tell you I am SO GLAD I was paranoid about the COVID-19 testing requirements. We departed from Kona, Hawaiʻi, on Saturday April 9th...connecting in Honolulu to the weekly Hawaiian Airlines flight to Pape'ete. There was supposed to be a (informal, traveling on separate reservations) group of 14 of us traveling to Tahiti for two weeks. Because I had read so much confusing and conflicting information regarding what was required for entry to French Polynesia, and because the rules seemed to be changing every week, I decided to follow the most strict/pedantic interpretation of the rules so as to lessen the chance of some misinformed airport agent or harried immigration bureaucrat denying us boarding or entry. We opted for RT-PCR tests, done at a medical clinic, within 24 hours of the departure of our first flight leg (from Kona to Honolulu). My boyfriend and I made sure our tickets were all on a single reservation, and also verified that the test we would be taking was a nasal test and not a saliva test. When we checked in at Kona we had absolutely no problems. We handed the agent the results from our tests, along with our vaccination cards and our passports. ETIS had just been ended, so we had to fill out an attestation regarding the rules etc. of entry into French Polynesia. The agent put all of this information into their computer, wrote OK TO BOARD on our boarding passes, and off we went. When we got to the gate we only saw two of the other people we thought were traveling. EVERYONE who had used the eMed proctored at-home antigen self-test was denied boarding! One lady had tried to check in so early that she managed to be able to run and get an instant antigen test from the same medical clinic where we had gotten our RT-PCR tests, so she made the next flight to Honolulu and got there in time to board the connecting flight to Pape'ete. Everyone else had to cancel/move all their plans for the first week, and rebook their flights to Tahiti for the next Saturday because Hawaiian Airlines only flies to Pape'ete one day per week. Somehow, two other people who *had* taken the Abbot Binax Now test via eMed WERE allowed to board; they have no idea why they were let on while the other people were not, and were worried all the way to Pape'ete the they'd be turned away at the border...but somehow that all worked out. My boyfriend and I had an AMAZING time in French Polynesia. We went diving in the Tuamotos the first week, then went back to Pape'ete for an outrigger canoe racing camp. Camp capped off with my boyfriend and our friends competing in a outrigger canoe race off Teva I Uta. Good luck in your travels, everyone!
  5. Hello, I have been researching this topic literally for months and I cannot get enough information to make me feel confident that I will not have issues entering Tahiti. I'm hoping someone here will help. Please do not tell me to contact my airline because all Hawaiian Airlines has on their web site regarding travel to Tahiti is a link to the Tahiti Tourisme web site. I've studied the web site and still have questions. I see that I have to present the negative results from a PCR test taken within 24 hours of my departure. I understand that. What I'm worried about is if there is actually a list of acceptable test providers that I don't know about that will trip me up? Or, is there a certain way the results must be presented to the airline during the boarding process so that I will be able to fly? I do not want to inadvertently get an unapproved test or have it presented in a way that the airline will not accept. I live in a remote rural area of the Island of Hawaiʻi, and it's been difficult to find any place that can guarantee me a PCR test in under 72 hours, let alone under 24! The first one I found only takes appointments three days in advance of travel because they cannot guarantee a supply of available tests. (What if I cannot get an appointment from them?!!) I just found another place that will do RT-PCR tests with a four-week-advance-booking and a guaranteed 16-hour turnaround, but unlike the first place they do not SAY that they are a travel clinic so I'm worried about being trapped in some bureaucratic nightmare where my test won't be accepted. When Hawaiʻi started their "Safe Travels" program last year, some of people got tripped up by not using an approved provider and were turned away upon arrival in Hawaiʻi. I'm trying to find out if Tahiti is like that or not. Thanks for any help. Laura
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