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  1. I appreciate the feedback, all. We have day passes for Playa Mia already. Since we'll head over there shortly after we arrive at 8am, I think I might just buy him a pass as well, and have him take a cab to join us there when he is available.
  2. Fair question, and I'm not sure we know right now. We're not sure how much time we'll have yet -- we'll know more in the next week. More than likely, we'll just find a spot in town to sit and have a snack or something, or we'll head to a beach to sit and catch up. The biggest issue right now is simply figuring out where to actually meet to connect - going from there isn't as much of a problem. We just know that we more than likely come in on different piers, probably both won't have cell service in port, and need to have a pre-defined meeting point within a reasonable distance of the two piers or downtown to meet sometime around noon.
  3. Later this month, we will be in Cozumel on the Norwegian Getaway, and have plans to meet someone from the Carnival Breeze. They generally dock at different piers. Is there an "ideal" non-bar place that is generally easy to find each other that would still be family friendly for my 2-year-old? We will likely have limited cell service if any once onshore.
  4. I strongly recommend Cucina del Capitano (the italian restaurant) on the Breeze. It is larger than the one you'll find on the Magic. The food is incredible, the service is wonderful (many of the team that were on my cruise 2 weeks ago will still be onboard by Thanksgiving), and with only a $15 per person charge, it's a great value. At lunch, they offer a free pasta bar as well. We ate there 5 out of the 7 nights for dinner - it was that great!
  5. We took our 7-month-old on Conquest last month. Carnival provided a crib in the room, and a high chair in the dining room. They also found us a high chair occasionally on lido if we needed it. We could also rent a stroller either by the day or for the cruise if needed (we didn't bring one, but did end up renting for one day). The staff were incredibly accommodating, and our fellow passengers were SO welcoming to our baby. Carnival does not provide any sort of baby food, but there is plenty of fresh fruit, cereal, etc depending on what your child may be eating right now. We are bringing her back for her second cruise on the Breeze in August when she is 10 months old. While the camps are not open to children under 2, they do offer limited hours for babysitting services both in the morning while in port and LATE at night, if you find you need a break. It is $6.75/hour plus 15% gratuity. If you want to know anything specific, just ask. We can either let you know based on our last experience or find out during the cruise in August. Enjoy cruising with your son!
  6. I'm not sure why people keep insisting that birth certificates need to be "official copies" or issued by the state. You absolutely, positively CAN run to Kinkos and make a photocopy of your birth certificate and use that for a CLOSED LOOP cruise, along with a non-expired, government-issued identification. Here is, directly from Carnival, the information on Birth Certificates (I made the text bold/red, but all text and other formatting is Carnival's): So Carnival themselves clearly state that you can bring a Xerox copy of your passport for a closed-loop cruise (one which departs from and returns to the same US port).
  7. Don't like bumping a thread that died a few days ago, but wanted to respond to this point. Based on the information directly from Carnival's travel documentation requirements, you do not need a "raised seal" birth certificate. It even specifically says "The Xerox copy does not need to be notarized or certified." That said, the specific documentation depends on the itinerary of the cruise that you're on, and of course in the event of a diversion (e.g. you have to leave the ship in a foreign port, or the ship has to divert to a different US port than it left from), you may be significantly delayed if you don't have a passport. But at the very least, for a closed-loop cruise (leaving from and returning to the same US port), with no visits to foreign ports that require passports or visas, US citizens should only need a non-expired government-issued ID and a birth certificate (original, copy, etc).
  8. Just make a photocopy of the long-form birth certificate when you receive it. Per Carnival's documentation, in addition to a photo ID, for a closed-loop cruise (departing from and returning to the same US port), all you need is the following as it relates to a birth certificate: Absolutely a great idea to get the passport, but in terms of a backup plan if the passport doesn't arrive, making a copy of the birth certificate is fine. No need to have it notarized, no need to do anything else -- just a simple copy will serve you well.
  9. According to Splendor's last transmission, her destination is Puerto Vallarta, not Cabo San Lucas. There's nothing on Carnival's site about a port change, but MarineTraffic is showing PVR as the destination as of 2 hours and 31 minutes ago. Seems odd, since it's not that far from Cabo... Will be curious to see the actual path and where Splendor ends up this week.
  10. My PVP vanished the minute I gave her my credit card number to book my cruise. She still works for Carnival, but doesn't return any phone calls or emails. I think I'd prefer to know that a PVP actually left the company.
  11. In the past (before OBC showed up in eDocs), I used to have to fax my brokerage statement in and just hope it was processed -- there was never any notification. For my upcoming cruise, it was amazingly simple to save my statement to a PDF, send an email with the required information and attach the PDF, and request the Shareholder Benefit. I received an automatic reply email the same day, and 3 days later received a more specific email detailing that the credit had been applied to my account. I was then able to look in my eDocs and see the increased OBC as a result. I never want to go back to the old fax and forget method ever again.
  12. There does appear to be a bug on Carnival's main site that's causing the "no rooms available" message to appear. Their reservations system is definitely still showing available rooms for the exact same criteria that their web site has issues with, so I'd wait until morning and let their IT folks sort things out.
  13. You can't compare brochure pricing to prices on Carnival.com -- the online prices are not "list prices". Carnival still publishes brochures with true "list prices". For example, actual list prices for a "Interior (Upper/Lower Beds)" cabin are stated as "from $1669" per person. So while it's true that the actual price of sailing has decreased somewhat, the list prices have not. And bear in mind that even back in 1993, you weren't paying list price, either. As for how they do it? That one is simple... volume and ancillary revenue. Far more ships with far more cabins, so they don't need to charge as much for an individual berth. Plus they make a significantly higher percentage of their revenue from other sources, such as bar, photo and excursions.
  14. Just to be clear on Carnival's policy, while "what you can get away with" may vary from port to port and person to person, the policy is as follows (with the obvious need to update the suite definitions from the old 11/12/SS to the current categories):
  15. Doh, I guess I should read more carefully too... I saw the reference to a 1A in the thread, and just instantly my brain accepted that it was from the OP... so I assumed the upgrade fairy had visited. Sorry, OP, if you booked 2215, then no upgrade -- but you should still enjoy your room... and your cruise!
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