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  1. Wow, the water is definitely a nice perk, and something that will have me hold off on pre-ordering any for now. That separate vanity room in the smaller master -- looks like decent space for getting dressed, etc. Does it have any storage, or is that just in the closet and main room? Trying to think about it functionally. As for itinterary, ours is almost the same, but instead of St Thomas, we go to St Maarten. Will definitely keep Secret Sands in mind for our next visit to St Thomas though! And that cocktail party sounds great - we normally tend to skip these, so this is exactly why I appreciate tips like this. @Krazyfuntimes - The cost varies widely depending on sail date and, of course, season. For ours in late September, it was about $3,300 per person for Pax 1 and 2 (before our casino discount), and all remaining passengers were $284 each. (This included taxes and fees, but did not include gratuities, just so you can compare apples and apples with your own pricing.) It may also have helped that we only booked this in March, and the sailing was still wide open. In fact, there are more than a dozen suites STILL available on our sailing, and we're inside 90 days now. Suites like this, in particular, will almost always be less expensive during off-season sailings (outside of summer and holiday breaks).
  2. Thanks so much for the info and pictures! Great tip about the fridge - we'll keep that in mind as we pack. It has become less of an issue for us as we tend to fill large water bottles with ice before heading to the room, and don't drink much besides water, but this time we'll have 3 kids with us including an infant, so we'll probably bring a small softside collapsible cooler for infant needs. It's hard for me to judge from the floor plan... How much bigger is one master from the other? Looks like it could be about 50% bigger, but I can't really tell. Any thoughts there? If there was one thing you saw or did during this cruise that we absolutely shouldn't miss... what would it be? It's my favorite question to ask to make sure I don't overlook something when I think I've seen or done things already.
  3. @mchin - Nothing like resurrecting a thread from the dead, but I believe you just got off the ship yesterday. I hope you had a great time! I'd love to hear your feedback on the cruise, and particularly on this stateroom. We're sailing at the end of September, and although we've been on nearly 30 cruises, this will be our first on Royal. We convinced some friends to come with us, and booked 6414 because... well, why not? So I'd love to hear more about the experience, particularly anything that might have been different than your expectations based on what you'd been told ahead of time about the specific perks of this suite. Thanks!
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