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  1. You said he’s already on antibiotics - go and ask the front desk of your hotel where the nearest pharmacy is and they’ll be able to answer all of your questions for free. No need to pay the exorbitant ship fees for advice you can get for free.
  2. Keep that later flight. There’s a good chance of fog delays in Galveston in February. And yes it’s a fair old drive to IAH so you aren’t looking at that much extra time if you simply take the last numbered departure tags.
  3. You need to see the hourly forecast. It can rain for 10 minutes at 7am and that constitutes rain. The Key West forecast calls for showers in the morning and possible thunderstorms late afternoon. So you might not see a drop. The Cozumel forecast says storms in the early morning, and more possibly in the evening.
  4. Why not just book an inside for the GF and her kid, and then have them sleep in his room? You could probably use it for luggage storage with that many people on board. Even better, have them book it then they will be the ones on the hook if they break up.
  5. RC doesn’t give the money you paid them to the insurance company to give back to you. That’s not how it works. RC keeps your money if you don’t sail and aren’t eligible for a refund. If you bought insurance, then your insurance company pays out of money they have their own way of handling.
  6. Thanks for the info on the new sofa bed set up, my kids won’t share a sofa bed but it sounds like this might be a good option for us. Love all the food photos!
  7. We enjoy just discovering the ship, an occasional trivia game, we’ve played bingo, done some penny slots, even gone to the shopping talks just to pass a little time. I am a bit of a nerd so I like watching the behind the scenes documentaries that they sometimes show on the cruise tv channel on Royal Caribbean too. It sounds like you have a very port intensive itinerary. That single sea day will probably fly by, as you will be ready for some relaxation and down time!
  8. We would use Central Park as our main way to walk through the ship, so nice.
  9. What a great start to your trip, congratulations! This trip report made me smile so much, husband and I got engaged in Greece on our first vacation together, and I spent some great vacations with friends that live in Malta and Sicily. We are hoping to take a Greek Isles cruise in 2022 to celebrate our 20th anniversary!
  10. I think they should require large groups to charter the entire ship - charter one of the smaller ones if that’s what your budget covers, instead of just taking half of a larger ship over and bothering the other half of the passengers.
  11. If Royal’s coverage includes trip interruption, then there might be a claim there.
  12. I also think it’s great that you guys took some time out of your vacation to give back like that. Bravo.
  13. It was Voyager, and I read it was a 3 nighter somewhere. Hardly anyone’s dream vacation of a lifetime, but yes RC were wrong to accept such a large booking (they even brought their own food on board and closed down entire venues for meals) and not warn other passengers. I feel the same way about any group booking that is so large that it encroaches on other people’s acesss to venues and enjoyment of the ship tbh.
  14. The guy seems to have a thing for presidents. He’s most well known for gatecrashing a White House party. Was bankrupt last I heard.
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