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  1. It’s like people can’t read. If you got yourself a phone plan that charges you extra for the free phone, I don’t know what to tell you. Some of us are better at finding good deals.
  2. I know the difference between a monthly payment on a phone and a free phone. Jeez.
  3. I have the newest iPhone, it was free. I traded in my iPhone 6 (which was also free) to get it.
  4. Nobody earning $7.25 an hour is buying designer clothes.
  5. If the cruise lines can hold out until there’s a vaccine or a confirmed treatment regimen, I think they’ll be fine. It might be harder for them to reel in as many new passengers for a while but if they can get prices low enough for returning passengers to go for it, they can keep the lights on until this is really over. I think they will probably start being stricter with their health questionnaires though, and possibly requiring doctors notes for more passengers than before.
  6. We’ve been looking to add a second cruise out of Galveston to our summer plans and prices are the same or slightly higher than they were a few weeks ago. I’m sure that off season prices will be better, and anyone who wants to take a gamble on next Feb-Apr is probably going to have some luck.
  7. Most of this discussion is based on sources from Fox News, so the chances of it being rational were already slim to none.
  8. Because I’d rather see cruise goers pay for the cost of this, than all of us taxpayers.
  9. It’s not really about which ports are open, it’s about whether it’s safe for so many people to be in close proximity like that. That’s really what it comes down to. And of course whether they think enough people will show up for them to break even on their sailing costs. People who want to see normality returned quicker need to follow the advice given and tell their friends/family to do the same. We wouldn’t be in this situation now if more people had been a little less selfish 3-4 weeks ago.
  10. Disappointing that all the replies that mention this being politically motivated are being removed.
  11. We have a cruise booked for August, for which final payment is due in May. I’m a little nervous about paying out money I may not get back, especially since we already had to cancel one cruise this year and insurance is taking it’s sweet time to refund us. If RC ends up in some kind of bankruptcy situation, that’s money I won’t see again either.
  12. If you’ve already had the kids with you since you got off the ship, it’s pointless keeping them away now. You aren’t suddenly going to become contagious because of an email. You either were contagious since you got off, or you weren’t.
  13. The issue is not that people are bringing back COVID from Caribbean islands. It is that people get on ships while infected and spread it to others, who take it home and spread it. Since so many people apparently can’t bear to not get on a ship, they’ve had no choice but to stop operating.
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