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  1. First time I was on Eurodam, I found out my stateroom at 11pm the night before. I was then called while on board and offered an upgrade from obstructed OV to balcony.
  2. Nothing piggy about it. It is called being compensated for your knowledge and worth.
  3. Yes it has, It has made the need of a travel professional more necessary than ever. The internet has brought a lot of information and MIS-information. A travel professional gives true knowledge which isn't found on the net! It has made the job of me and several of my clients easier than ever.
  4. Sorry no different than a certified financial planner who not only makes commission on the products but charges a fee. Sorry I have been doing this model for far longer than you have been a member of this group. It works for me and thankfully I do not want to work with everyone and I have a very loyal client base who give great referrals!!!
  5. Please show me where I said I offer limited or no service? I said like my client's I take time off too. We have windows when no one is traveling and as such we travel when they are not. We are available at all times during travel, but we are not a 24/7 operation for someone who found a lower price at 3 in the morning. Our clients are not looking to change cabins or looking for lower prices. My clients know they are part of an exclusive club and not everyone gets to become a client of ours. They also know if they wanted 24/7 availability (outside of their travels) they would have to pay for it.
  6. All of the free resources are just that free. They are nothing more than information which is not the same as knowledge. Much of the information found on these very pages many times is not corrected. My clients are far from fools. To them time is money and they do not have the time to spend finding the right experience for them. My clients spend a lot of money for my knowledge and I won't work with everyone. They are not looking for the best deal or the best perks. They don't change cabins after it has been selected for them or they will take an upgrade because they have already budgeted for a certain amount for their cruise. They know I and other travel agents like me are not auditioning nor are we competing for their business. They know we also travel like they do and we sometimes close our office to new business and don't return phone calls or emails right away. They don't fret if the price went down when we were unreachable. There are for more people like that than there are who read Cruise Critic. Remember less than 5% of any given cruise has ever heard of Cruise Critic or has participated or even read these forums.
  7. No, I hold an ECC and LCS designation and have my own IATA so yes I am accredited.
  8. It is for this reason I collect a very large consultation fee before I begin the work.
  9. Cruise Critic rules prohibit me from giving exact examples as they consider that advertising my agency. I can tell you more often than not I have been there when the ship has hit the fan either before or during the cruise. Because of volume, I have much higher clout than an individual and get certain perks and higher up the food chain when there are issues. I have far more knowledge available to me than just the information found on cruise critic including some excursions you cannot find via Googling. Finally I am willing to put my professional reputation on the line which you will find unavailable with opinions posted on CC. There is a much higher percentage of people cruising who never come to, read or post on cruise critic.
  10. I am a TA and have been for almost nine years and cruised for four before becoming one. I am not desperate for business and as such I charge a pretty high consultation fee for my clients before I even begin the work. None of which applies to the booking. I do not deal in volume, and I do not price match or offer perks beyond what are available from the cruise line and through my franchise affiliation. I also charge a large cancellation fee. There is more than enough business out there and I am having my best year ever. I am far from an order taker as most of my clients do not know exactly what they want.
  11. If you do not have a passport valid for six months after travel, you will not go to Cuba!
  12. I cannot imagine a safer time to visit Istanbul than right now. I am so bummed that our 2017 cruise dropped Kusadasi for Malta. It is 569 km from IST. I voted NO!
  13. We leave next week for our Castles of the Rhine Basel to Amsterdam cruise on Uniworld with our 12 year old daughter. It is part of their family program. Has anyone on CC ever done this cruise? We have a double and a single and cannot wait.
  14. Came of Oasis last Saturday with a total of five ships in port. Flew SW and ended up with TSA PRE-CHECK because of our GE and trusted traveler status. It was great to avoid that HUGE security line at FLL. Best money we have ever spent. Me, my wife and now my daughter has it. Cruise was good too.
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