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  1. Coronavirus Kills Two Cruisers https://cruiseradio.net/coronavirus-kills-two-cruisers-as-one-line-suspends-ships-operations/
  2. Thanks to pictures from other posters I was able to determine which cove balconies do not have lifeboats overhead. My top choice would be 2301 or 2298, but that is a 4 person cabin. For 2 people I would recommend 2305 or 2302. The last 3 coves, 2306, 2309, 2308, 2315, 2310, 2317 may have noise from what appears to be some sort of vent. I have not sailed on the Vista yet, but as a party of 3 I had to book the only 3 person interior Havana cabin available. I'm still waiting to try a cove as I keep reading how nice they are, maybe my next cruise. I welcome any corrections as these are t
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