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  1. Excellent! Thanks all! I have one ultra cautious one who would ask before eating a banana in Windjammer and the other who would probably be fine until he found the arcade. Lol.
  2. We've sailed RCC in the past, but never taken our kids. I'm assuming all passengers get a SeaPass card, but is there a way for them to NOT link our credit card on file to the kids' cards? I don't think we will have any issues with them charging things, but I'd rather be safe than broke. Lol!
  3. For me, jeans aren't an option for the dining room for dinner, but that's just me. I noticed on our last cruise there were a lot of adults who didn't follow the dress code, but to each their own. They will both be packing slacks along with shorts, but t shirts and jeans are for daytime wear only. Just me being a no fun mom. Lol.
  4. We will be on Mariner in January on a 4 night with our 2 children- 11 and 14. What would you consider acceptable dinner attire for them? I know that more often than not, many people disregard the recommended dress code, however we prefer our kids be presentable. I was thinking polos/Dockers shorts, any input?
  5. The daily activity schedule would be wonderful! With this being their first cruise, I'm more concerned about the 14yo being able to come and go as he pleases. I guess it will be up to us to set limits and expectations for him. I know the ship isn't the biggest, but it still has plenty of room for him to 'explore' and forget to check in. Lol!
  6. Hello all! While my husband and I have sailed Royal before, this is the first time bringing our kids with...11 and 14. We will be on Mariner in January. What are the activities and how does the kids/teens clubs work? Thanks for your assistance!!
  7. When we were on our Alaskan cruise on Explorer, we had MTD and did all of our reservations for dinner in the morning, when we went to breakfast. We had no issues getting the times we wanted. I plan on doing it the same way when we go to the Bahamas in Jan.
  8. Looking at cruises out of the Miami port in January, and I'm wondering if anyone has a preference to flying into Miami or Ft Lauderdale? Price-wise, it's cheaper to fly into Ft Lauderdale for us, but I don't know if it will end up being a wash, when figuring in the cost of transport from the airport to the cruise terminal.
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