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  1. NCL has proven to be quite an unethical company. As a sales person myself, its clear that their sales team has no integrity and will do anything to maintain their bottom line, including selling cruises that they are certain won't sail, promising refunds that take 3+ months to happen, and now trying to get more bookings by promising safe cruising, with ship social distancing, new air filtration systems, etc. Meanwhile, not nearly enough information is still known about covid-19 and how it really travels or transmits to even be making those sorts of calls at this point. Shameful company, once i
  2. should have played your cards better, its your fault not NCL's. you panicked and folded your hand too quickly
  3. You should be, because it 100% ain't happening
  4. my guess is it won't matter the actual size of the ships, but capacity will be limited to 50% or so of normal capacity
  5. I tried a few times early this morning with the same issue, and just now (9:23 ET) the dates were allowed until May 10th sailings and i was able to put in my refund request
  6. IF NCL is able to avoid bankruptcy from this crisis, Avoid a depression, regain public trust at some point in the future, then yeah, maybe you’ll see It his $60 again in 2025
  7. I Don’t feel bad at all. They all incorporate in other countries to evade paying their fair share of taxes, and To avoid paying a minimum wage for the poor ship workers (Most on NCL are from the Philippines). Let the cruise lines suffer
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