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  1. Earlier I saw a Bar Menu with a list of Beers. I did notice that Michelob Ultra was not listed. Is that just in that bar or is that ship wide?
  2. We did Royal Up for our cruise on Symphony in October and didn't receive ours until 72 hours before we boarded the ship. Well worth the wait! Would defiantly do it again!!!
  3. Wonderful review! Thank you for taking us along!!! We were on last month and it was great to both see the similarities and differences.
  4. Thank you for taking us all along! You posted a wonderful review of a wonderful cruise!!!
  5. I had the similar experience at our County Fair this summer. I would just get to sleep then a garbage truck, then the street sweeper and lastly at promptly 5:15 the portolet pumper! Made for long days and short nights!
  6. No No No!!! There won't be any extended stays this time!!! I get on next Saturday!!!🤣🤣🤣
  7. We are on Symphony next week and have been looking into the laser tag for our son. It is our understanding that you can sign up for the different sessions on your boarding day. We are going to see what we can find out and try to sign up for every session that is open when we board.
  8. I am excited to follow along with another one of your adventurous cruises. Even better we will be boarding when you get off next week! Enjoy yourself and take care of the ship for me!!!
  9. Andrew, I have been following along with your 2 week journey around and around the Caribbean and have enjoyed this review of yours as much as any that you have done. I feel as if I have been right there with you. We will be on Symphony Oct. 5th. It would be awesome if you did do the back to back and we would to meet up on that sailing. Enjoy your last day today and safe travels home!
  10. The video was posted June 26, 2019
  11. I know that most of my Drink Package purchases are made right from in the pool on my previous 19 cruises. I have had the waitstaff take my seapass or wow band from me right in the pool and then hand me the beer in the pool. This is one of my favorite ways to spend my time on a cruise. It is too bad that a few people that have possibly drank irresponsibly in the pools and ruined this for us the responsible cruisers.
  12. It is at the 8:25 mark of the video!
  13. Thank you for your reply. I thought that sounded odd. I agree with the plastic glasses.
  14. I recently watched a video on YouTube doing a review of Symphony. One thing that was mentioned in the video is that they do not allow any drinks in or around the pools. My wife and I always enjoy having a beer or dink while sitting in the shallow part of the pool with our feet in the deeper part. We have done this on every cruise for the past 20 years. We are really hoping that this was a rule that someone has misinterpreted.
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