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  1. Just checked Ama web site....they are now cancelled through Aug. 31, 2020. We were scheduled to cruise Aug. 17, but we already cancelled. We are looking at August of next year.
  2. Just checked on Ama web site. All cruises are cancelled through July 31, 2020!
  3. We have booked the Ama Kristina (Rhine River) for August with pre cruise in Amsterdam and post cruise in Lucerne and Zurich. We cannot wait. This will be our first river cruise; we have just about cruised all the itineraries of Princess and we thought we would try something different. Last year while in Paris, we met a pre cruise group and tour guide from Ama. She was so nice talking to us about Ama and their itineraries. Getting really excited about this trip!
  4. Thanks for the info. We will definitely look into ordering tickets two months before our trip.
  5. We have booked AmaKristina, Amsterdam to Basel, for Aug.17-24, with pre-cruise in Amsterdam (2 nights) and post-cruise in Lucerne (2 nights) and Zurich (2 nights). Are there itineraries for the extra days before and after the river cruise? Or are we on our own? While in Amsterdam we want to visit Anne Frank's House. Do we get our own tickets for this, or does Ama take care of the arrangements? I haven't done much research on Lucerne and Zurich, so I don't really know what to visit in those cities. We are new river boat cruisers and would really appreciate suggestions. Jackie and Al
  6. Yes everyone says do NOT compare ocean cruising with river cruising. Thanks for the tips!
  7. Hi. We just booked AmaKristina for Aug. 17, 2020 from Amsterdam to Basel with 2 days pre-cruise in Amsterdam and 2 days post-cruise in Lucerne and 2 days post-cruise in Zurich. This will be our first river cruise. We have 16+ cruises with Princess and thought it was time to try something different. We leave for Japan next month on Princess. We met an Ama tour guide in Paris last year, and our TA had an Ama presentation in his office. We are hooked! Love reading all the posts for Ama. Love to hear about shore excursions!
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