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  1. There are so many land tours - any destinations which jump out as being a deal breaker....
  2. We are looking at a 2008 Cruisetour to Alaska. I think we'll go in RC Radiance - we've been on this ship before thru the Panama Canal and really enjoyed it. Our questions are: What month is better between May and August? Should we do the Tour before or after crusining? Opinions on what tour -- there are many options - should Denali be the final factor? Thanks on any advice!

    Alaska Cruisetours - Need Advice!!!

    We are in the planning stages of a 10 or 11 day Alaska Cruisetour for 2008 - I think we'll go on Royal Carribean - our favorite ship - Radiance - but I'm looking for advice on the following: Should we do the land tour first or last? What month has better weather? Our friends have gone in August but I read that June has better weather? Is there a specific land tour we should choose -- need recommendations? Is is better to book airfare with the cruise or do it yourself. We're experienced cruisers - mostly Carribean and Panama Canal and coming from a cold climate (New England) - Alaska has not really interested us til recently...... Thoughts? Thanks Maxxmom