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  1. it didn't sound like a lot that the poster got into the bag. many of us have had fun, stuffing the bag. Sandra
  2. There are numbers on the door. Just jot down the number and deck on a piece of paper and keep those bit of junk off of the doors. Ask Hal if they like stuff on the outside of the door. You know what they will say. Sandra
  3. it can look really tacky. I am sure that Hal would prefer if cruisers didn't do this. People don't seem to do it on their hotel room doors. Sandra
  4. In Europe we pick up a baguette from a bakery, find a deli for pate and cheese. Then of course we have to find wine and maybe a few grapes. Once we are all prepared, we go to a local park for lunch. Sandra
  5. I have a dam shirt that says '' keep calm and cruise on''. Its wearing well and is often a topic of conversation at gym class. My other dam shirt is ''Seas the day'' Sandra
  6. We heard that it was Darin Bowland who will be The Master of the NS. I believe that he is already with the ship. Sandra
  7. One big advantage that Hal has over the others, is that there is a closing glass roof over the pool. That space is wonderful on a cooler or wetter day.
  8. I didn't know that people still bothered with postcards. Sandra
  9. The K Dam does it best, because it has a proper kitchen area and its more hands on. The other ships vary and often, we have been in the Queens lounge. Its a small group and operates most days and a variety of culinary delights. We have had fun with it and my husband had a chance to learn new things. We have photos of his results, all good, edible and nothing burned. He's made salmon wellington, choux pastry puffs, apricots dessert etc. Sandra
  10. If I tell you, it wouldn't be a secrett
  11. Christenings have become less of an event. Traditionally, there was an event and champagne across the hull prior to her first voyage. Now, it is weeks or months later. More of a sales job really. Sandra
  12. I sew mine on too and my husband would do a good job as well. We try to cope on our own, as we know how busy the cabin stewards are. Sandra
  13. We always pre book all the specialty restaurants including SDM. Its been tricky getting 50% reimbursed or 100%, but we always get it back. We are persistent and smile a lot, as we explain to the front office. Sandra
  14. I forget what port we missed, but went to Sarande in Albania instead. The locals were not used to having a lot of cruise ships visit and we had a wonderful few hours in port. Sandra
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