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  1. Odyssey DID NOT have Noro. It was a 24 hour stomach virus. I actually got it and missed the 5th day (sea day). But was well enough to enjoy CocoCay. I didn't have to isolate because I didn't seek medical attention. Others who did were isolated for 24 hours (but not other cabin members). It was not fun, but it also wasn't Noro. No idea where I got it. I always washed my hands, but hand sanitizer was minimal on the ship and often were empty. Only thing I can think of is the day I got it, I did eat a salad at lunch. Got sick at 1am.
  2. Just got off today and I could not agree more. It's not being at 100%, its that the ship is either 1. not staffed at full capacity or 2. not prepared for 100%. We didn't mind the lines, etc, we were mentally prepared for that. But ordering a Diet Coke 3xs at dinner and never receiving it and dinner taking 90 minutes and walking out before dessert because it's been 20 minutes since anyone said a word to you is not acceptable. The crew were trying, but were overwhelmed. I can't speak for other ships, but Odyssey was not ready for 100% capacity.
  3. Right now on Odyssey, RoyalUp is your only option. If you go to Guest Services, they give you a card telling you how to bid on RoyalUp.
  4. Odyssey is no longer doing that and that is the ship I am on. They are using RoyalUp for these, which is why I am asking. My assumption is that it's unlikely. Just curious if others have actually been upgraded through RoyaUp after boarding.
  5. Yep, that's what I have heard. We are sailing on Odyssey this Sunday. just curious if anyone has actually won a bid day of and had to move
  6. I know the process for RoyalUp has changed on some ships and upgrades can be awarded the day on embarkation. I just wanted to see if there are any reports of this actually happening?
  7. When this happened to me, it took 4 days before the upgrade did come through. This likely means it's happening. What ship? which one is pending and which ones are expired?
  8. If you look at your bids, it says you can modify up until 3 hours before departure. The new process is notifying people after they set sail that bids were unsuccessful. This is to account for any last minute availability. No more going to Guest Services to try for an upgrade. They will instruct you to RoyalUp. but yes, I’d say, you likely aren’t getting an upgrade. I’m in the same boat for 3/20. Not expecting it to happen.
  9. I have a vlog on YouTube where we skated on Freedom last month. I think it's titled Last Night on Freedom or something like that. I was able to bring my own skates. No problem. Yes, everyone had to wear a helmet. We also had to wear masks at the time, but I believe that is now gone. They have both figure skates and hockey skates to rent. Skates looked to be in good shape too.
  10. Curious to know if JS were showing available or not before you won?
  11. I have sailed twice this year and anyone sailing with kids 5-11 get that email. It's so they don't miss anyone. Easier for them to just send it out to everyone with kids 11 and under, then try and have a computer system determine who gets it and who doesn't. Easier to miss someone that way.
  12. We have a balcony sailing on 3/20. Just checked and no additional categories added. Oh well. Nothing is available anyway.
  13. I did the fire & ice mani/pedi once just before shutdown. It was pricey but incredible. I truly felt pampered.
  14. There were a bunch of balconies awarded. 1 report of a JS, but that is it. Given that there are no suites available, I don't expect many others
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